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We updated our logo in December 2015, changing the Chinese characters on the seal from "中华游" to "海纳".

China Highlights separated from CITS Guilin in 2015, and we are now an independent tour company: China Highlights International Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Our Chinese name Haina (海纳) is from the Chinese proverb “Hai na bai chuan.” (海纳百川 ‘Sea receives 100 rivers.’), which has many meanings. To us, our new name means we can cater for customers from all countries, in a huge variety of ways. (Haina, pronounced high-naa, also sounds like the “High” and “na” from China Highlights in reverse order.)

China Highlights Logo from 2002-2015

We are excited to have selected a new Logo which we believe represents the best of Chinese culture while being modern and sophisticated.

China Highlights' logo
China Highlights' Trademark Successfully Registered in the USA

What does our new logo symbolize?

Red is the color of good luck, happiness and success in China. The brush is used in ancient painting and calligraphy. The fluidity of the brush stroke reflects flexibility. The stamp (chop) bears the insignia of China Highlights. Together they symbolize China's long history and culture. This new logo is our updated, stylish visual identity.

Our old logos

China Highlights Logo (From 1998 - 2002)

At the very beginning, China Highlights' logo was designed in a very simple and common style.

Oldest Logo


China Highlights Logo (From 2002-2006)

For a long time, China Highlight's logo featured a cute panda to indicate we are a China based local travel service. Our company has grown significantly in recent years and is now a leading online travel service provider. We feel it is time to update this logo.

China Highlights


Our Websites

Under the brand of "China Highlights", we have built 9 other web sites, each with its own theme.

  • www.beijinghighlights.com: In this web site, we have included comprehensive information about travel, attractions, tours, hotels, flights, activities, pictures and much more. Our aim is to provide those who are interested in traveling to Beijing and its surrounding areas with useful, interesting, original and up-to-date information
  • www.shanghaihighlights.com: Here you will find a collection of tourist information and tours to Shanghai and its neighboring areas. Moreover, we have designed a variety of tours from Shanghai for expatriates who are living in Shanghai or just passing through.
  • www.tibettravel.info: We provide useful, up-to-date information, maps, photos and travel tips on Tibet to those who are interested in exploring this mystical region. A variety of tours are available
  • www.guilinchina.net: Guilin, with its rivers and unique limestone pinnacles, is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The city has recently become an international tourist focus. This web site has detailed information on Guilin travel.
  • www.mybeijingchina.com : Another web site on Beijing Travel.
  • www.yangtzeriver.org : Yangtze cruise travel guide including attractions, ships information and much more.
  • www.86hotels.com : 86hotels has a great collection of hotels from all categories in all major cities in China. These hotels are chosen from customers' feedbacks and our personal inspections. Our strong relationship with hotel suppliers in each location ensures that we can provide the best possible discount
  • www.arachina.com : China travel guide in Japanese market
  • www.chinarundreisen.com : China travel guide in German market
  • www.voyageschine.com - China travel guide in French market
  • www.viaje-a-china.com - China travel guide in Spain market
  • www.viaggio-in-china.it - China travel guide in Italian market
  • www.chinahighlights.ru - China travel guide in Russian market

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