What Our Winners Say

Some feedback form our winners as following:

From Marc Alexander De Maddalena -- 1st prize:

Dear Mr. Wang,
I seem to be the lucky guy of 2008. I sure accept the prize.

Thanks for initiating the transfer. Whenever we plan to visit China again (probably not this year) we will certainly go for China Highlights again since the service is very satisfactory.

Best regards

From Ka Lai Carol -- 2nd prize:

Hi Carol,
Good to hear that I have won the prize of US 300. Please advise how to claim.
Do you arrange tour to the Harbin for the Ice festival during Chinese New Year period, please advise.


From Sudesh Reddy -- 2nd prize

Dear Karen,
Yes, what a way to start the New Year ! I have never won anything before, let alone $300 !
Attatched are pictures taken in Shanghai. One on a ship going around the town, one at the airport in India and the other with a few us outside the tennis stadium.

Karen, you ought to send a picture of you too. We have been conversing for over a year and its time to put a face to the charming lady ! I saw the group picture and I have been wondering if you are in that group.

I will share my experiences on the trip advisor.


From Irene Theresa Diocares - - 3rd prize

Hello Leon,
Happy belated New Year! That's wonderful news!!

Of course I'll accept the prize, that's amazing! Paypal would be the best method for me, do you require me to do anything in particular?

Thank you very much,

Kind regards
~Irene Diocares

From Ionut Gabriel Banu -- 4th prize:

Dear Lissy,
I’m very surprised and in the same time very happy to receive your prize.
Looking forward to receiving the indications about the procedure to receive this prize I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

We will celebrate the New Year very close to you. We’ll go for a holiday in Indochina (north of Thailand, Lao, Vietnam and Cambodia) and on 31st of December we’ll be in Luang Prabang (Lao)

All the Best!

From Kim Angela Howes -- 4th prize

thank you for the prise . please credit the money to me through my paypal account

kim howes

From Madelaine Barry -- 4th prize

Hi Michael,
That is maybe a good omen for the success of my upcoming trip! I would love to donate it to Helping Hands,,,could I get fapio for that as well as my whole trip?
Still waiting for the visas to come back to get you the numbers you need!


From Mary Teresa Mcmahon -- 4th prize

This is my lucky month indeed! I have started a new job which might enable me to travel a bit more frequently. However please donate this prize to your nominated charity as it is in greater need than my holiday needs. I do want to return to China in the future but next year might be too soon.

The Olympics was fabulous and what with world economic capitalism in turmoil China could maybe lead the way with a new socialism for the world. Happy holidays.


From Jana Lvova -- 4th prize

Dear Grace, Thank you very much for such great news.

We wish to donate the prize to your local charity Helping Hands. I would appreciate receiving a receipt.

Please let us know if there is something we need to do to process the donation.

Kind regards,


Winners have until the 21st January, 2009 top to respond to our notification. Failure to respond will result in loss of the prize.

Congratulations to all the Lucky Winners!

Your Feedback Pays Off!!

In order to improve our service to catch up with our customers' needs, we pay extra attention to what our customers opinions toward our service, customers who have book our tours are welcomed to evaluate our service and the tour components during their trip, so that we can find out where we have to improve and make further progress. Chinahighlights holds a lucky draw activity at the end of each year (usually happens a few days before Christmas), to express our sincere thanks to people who have sent their feedbacks and given their precious suggestions, etc. Prizes are divided into three classes and be sent out for more than twenty people. Read more news about this event..

Some Snapshots taken at the Lucky Draw:

China Highlights Lucky Draw Kirsten is holding the Luck Draw
China Highlights Lucky Draw Victor Shu thanking our customers' for their support
China Highlights Lucky Draw Our foreign colleague Brian joined in the activity with his family
China Highlights Lucky Draw Some of China Highlight Staff joined Brian and his family for a photograph