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Compare China Highlights with our Chinese and International Competitors

China Highlights vs. Other Competitors

Are you confused about choosing a travel agency for your China trip? You might compare reviews for several travel agencies on price, service and credit rating. Here we make it easy for you to find out the differences between China Highlights and our Chinese and international competitors but don´t just take our word for it ask the questions for yourself?

Parameter China Highlights Chinese Competitors International Competitors
Last minute changes Yes, definitely and usually at no charge Yes, but read the fine print for additional fees No, fixed itinerary
Flexibility during the trip You can change the tour guide, van, transportation, hotel, scenic spots before/during the trip. Maybe, but read the fine print for additional fees Fixed
Cancellation Policy Deposit will be refunded if we are informed at least 14 days before the departure date. Substantial cancelation fees if canceled after confirmation. Substantial cancelation fees if canceled after confirmation.
Hidden Charges Absolutely not - All charges included Credit card processing fees are usually not included in quotation. You must check all details Nothing published
Money back Service Guarantee Check our service guarantee. If our guides vary from our instructions regarding tipping or shopping we will refund the land service cost (excluding hotels, air & train fares, attraction entrance fees and meal costs) for that city immediately. No service guarantee published No service guarantee published
Restaurants Carefully chosen local restaurants Many use tourist restaurants connected to factories and shops Usually a tourist restaurant or hotel
Shopping Policy Absolutely no forced shopping trips or tourist traps and shopping area can be removed before start the tour. Unknown - no stated policy but usually daily shopping is a prerequisite. Daily factory stops on the tour
24 hrs a day service We will always be available for you within 24 hrs a day. Depends on the operator Offices located outside China
Experience and ownership and strength Online for 11 years and backed by a full service national travel agency in business since 1959. China Highlights has a staff of over 70 professionals providing a full range of tour products to 35 cities and tour destinations in China. Ownership and experience vary depending on the operator. Make enquires well. International tour companies using Chinese agents.
Tour guide's employment conditions We pay our guides and drivers a fair salary and performance bonuses No, usually they depend on tips and commissions No, mostly they depend on tips and commissions

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