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Alshan Hot Springs


Alshan City is rich in hot springs. The beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, sufficient sunshine in Alshan has give rise to one of the best Hop Spring Resort in China, Haishensheng Hot Spring Resort.

Dipping in hot spring has become increasingly popular among travelers around the world, not only beacause bathing in the hot water can relive stress and relax, but it is also believed that hot springs are good to human's peptic organs, angiocarpy system, nervous system and respiratory system and is able to cure some dieases.

There are 48 hot springs scattered across an area of 500 meters in length from north to south, and 70 meters in width from east to west. Based on the temperature of spring water, water spring here follows to four categories: cold spring, normal spring and hot spring. The lowest temperature of the cold spring is around 1.5 °C.

Water of the warm spring is neither too hot nor too cold, which is suitable to human's body temperature. The hot spring pools look like huge pot with boiling water, covered with hot steam. The Springs here contains over 10 elements of magnesium, sulfur and silicon. Surpringsling, the clear spring water gurgling from under the ground never dry in history even in continuous drought years.