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Anshun Food


Anshun food features sour and spicy flavor which is rich in kinds and tasted delicious. The famous snacks include Broiled Mini Xiang Pig, Buckwheat cool bean jelly and Fried Egg Cake (made from the choice rice and soy bean and is stuffed with meat).

Broiled Mini Xiang Pig

Mini Xiang Pig is also named Qian Gui Mini Xiang Pig.  It is a kind of pig produced in Guizhou province (called Qian for short) and Guangxi province (called Gui for short) exclusively. As it is raised in the mountainous area with high altitude and low temperature all year round, Mini Xiang Pig grows short and small with the maximum weight of five kilogram. They are featured small bone, thin skin and the pork is tasted delicate and springy. Miao ethnic people broil it with special season, which makes the dish fragrant, pure, and delicate.

Buckwheat Cool Bean Jelly

Buckwheat Cool Bean Jelly is the favorite snack of Anshun people, especially for the young people. It is made from the powder of sweet buckwheat planted on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, seasoned with preserved spicy bean curd, chili oil, fried soy bean and pignut. It is tasted hot and spicy. Sometimes, Anshun people like to put some fragrant vinegar into it to enhance the appetite.


Genuine Anshun food is usually can be found at local night markets. The night markets of Anshun mainly concentrate at the Xiaoshizi (Small Cross) of Dongjie Street and Guofu Street. Besides, there are many snack stalls serve local food at Tashan Road. Many distinct restaurants with sightseeing gazebos can be found in Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area, where tourists can admire the beautiful scenic while having meals.