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Born in London to an Anglo-American family, Kit Onslow-Smith started traveling solo at the age of 15, and hasn't stopped moving since. He hiked more than 1100 miles of the Appalachian Trail before he turned 20, carrying with him a full size bible, and a 2 pound statue of Jesus despite holding no religious convictions. Ever the opportunist, he seized at the chance to move to Shanghai two years ago and has not looked back since. During the day Kit is typically to be found zipping around town on a moped, armed with a camera and a sense of self importance on the hunt for the most unusual and interesting scenes Shanghai has to offer. By night he invariably occupies one of the many wine bars or cocktail lounges in the French Concession, conducting vital market research. Experience: Kit has worked for two years as an Editor at Soulfire, writing about food, wine, and fashion. At the same time undertaking a wide range of freelance projects on everything from tourism to sex toys. Today he plies his trade at Shanghai Wow!, the foremost Chinese language luxury lifestyle website in Shanghai, where he works as the Dining and Nightlife editor. From Kit Onslow-Smith: In more ways than one Shanghai is a city of many faces. From the legions of pensioners clapping in unison in the parks, to the Shanghainese women tottering past on unfeasibly high heels on the arm of a westerner, who themselves live in an entirely different microcosm altogether. Some people think this city sold its soul in the name of progress and modernity, and on the face of it that bears true, but look a little deeper and you begin to realise that it has just traded it in for a better model. Shanghai carries the torch for modern China, and it will do for some time.

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