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Yesanpo National Park

Yesanpo National Park is a new tourist attraction in China that has an area of over 600 square kilometers. It is mainly a natural park with mountains, rivers, springs, natural caves, and forests.

Yesanpo National Park mainly consists of 6 scenic spots: Bai Li (a hundred li, about 31 miles) Gorge, Ju Ma River, Buddha Cave Tower Mountain, Bai Cao Pan Forest, Long Men Gorge and Jin Hua Mountain. Bai Li Gorge includes 3 gorges: Haitang (Chinese Flowering Crabapple) Gorge, Xiezi (Scorpion) Gorge and Shixuan Gorge. The gorges kind of look deep and mysterious. There are lots of scenic spots in the northern gorge including Yi Xian Tian, Long Tan Ying Yue, Mo Er Cliff, Tie You Cliff, Lao Hu Zui, Hui Tou Guan Yin, Upper Tian Qiao, Lower Tian Qiao and others.

Around the Ju Ma River, the environment is quiet and beautiful. The river is unusually clear. On hot summer days, people can take boats downstream and appreciate the beautiful scenery on the river banks. Some resorts are built on the Ju Ma River. These are good places for tourists to go to avoid the summer heat.

Buddha Cave Tower Mountain got its name because the mountain looks like a tower, and there is a Buddha in a cave in the mountain. The Bai Cao Pan Forest gets its name due to white plants growing there. The mountains in this forested area are tall and straight, and the springs are clear. The forest covers an area of more than a hundred thousand mu (about 6666 hectares). The huge forest looks green and luxuriant.

In part of the Long Men Gorge, there is Great Long Men Castle that was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.- 1683 A.D.), Cai Shu An Great Wall and inscriptions on precipices. On Jin Hua Mountain, people will be impressed by forests stretching as far as the eyes can see, waterfalls rushing down from high mountains, tall gingko trees which are over one thousand years old, and ancient architecture like Qingchan Temple that is unique in style.


Yesanpo National Park is located in Laishui County in Hebei Province.


Yesanpo National Park is a state-level key scenic spot. Because it is only 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) from Beijing, it has become a popular tourist attraction.

How To Go There

Baoding is near Beijing, so people can go to Baoding from Beijing. There are 3 trains that can reach Yesanpo National Park from the Beijing West Railway Station. People can take Train L7781 and leave Beijing at 7: 10 am. Train L7782 leaves Baoding for Beijing at 17: 40. There also are some buses from Baoding to Laishui.

If people choose to drive to Yesanpo National Park, they can get on National Highway 108 at Mentougou and get off at Laishui. Then, they will reach Yesanpo National Park.