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Baoding Transportation

City Transportation

The central, historic area of Baoding is not large, so you might be able to walk to various destinations from the train station instead of taking the taxi. Historic sites like the mansion of the Viceroy of Zhili Province and the Ancient Lotus Lake Garden are on Yuhua Road. So tourists can travel on foot.

Most buses charge a ticket price of about 1 RMB. A small number of buses travelling in the surrounding counties charge according to the distance.

Regular taxis charge 1.2 RMB for every kilometer with a starting price of 5 RMB, while Jettas and Santanas charge 1.4 RMB every kilometer with a starting price of 6 RMB. Most taxi drivers tend to use a rounding-off method. For example, they will take 6 RMB if the total fare is 6.2 RMB, and they will take 9 RMB if the total fare is 8.6 RMB. If tourists choose to take a rickshaw, they need to pay only 2 to 4 RMB according to the distance they cover. Most rickshaw pullers are honest and will not cheat on the price. There are also people transporting people on their bicycles, electric cycles or motorbikes.

  • Tip: With all these forms of transportation except the city buses, negotiate about the price first, or you may get overcharged. In the taxis, make sure that the driver turns on the meter, and carry small bills to give them so you won't get fake currency. If you are unsure about the price charged or about the currency you received or are dissatisfied with the service, jot down the driver's license number or his license plate number.
  • Complaints Phone Number For Taxis: 0312-3037858.


With the Jingguang Railway (Beijing-Guangzhou) going through the city's downtown, transportation to the city is convenient. The Baoding Railway Station is in the center of the city of Baoding. People can take Bus 1, Bus 2, Bus 4, Bus 5, Bus 7, Bus 10, Bus 11, Bus 12 or other buses to go there. It is convenient to go to Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei, because trains leave every several minutes for Shijiazhuang. If people take a train, it only takes about an hour to go to Shijiazhuang.


The Jingshi Expressway from Beijing to Shijiazhuang goes through Baoding. So it only takes about 2 hours to get to Baoding from Beijing. Buses leave Beijing for Baoding every 20 minutes from about 05: 30 to 18: 30. It also takes less than 2 hours to get to Shijiazhuang from Baoding. Buses leave Baoding for Shijiazhuang every 20 minutes from about 05: 10 to 18: 30. The Jinbao Expressway connects Tianjin and Baoding. It takes about 3 hours to get to Baoding from the Tianjin West Station by bus; and buses leave every 40 minutes from Tianjin to Baoding. During the Spring Festival and the Golden Week (a week of vacation for National Day) when there are crowds, there are also more buses, and buses leave when they are full.

The national highways link Baoding to Jinan, Taishan Moutain, Datong, Wutai Mountain, Tanggu, Chengde and the counties surrounding Baoding.

  • Location: The Baoding Coach Station lies on the intersection of Yuhua East Road and East Erhuan Road.
  • Bus Station Inquiry Number: 0312-2023740.