Resonant Sand Bay

This natural scenic area is located 50 km north from Baotou in Erdos City. It lies at the east section of Kubuqi Desert, China's seventh largest desert, and assumes a crescent shape with 100 meters in height and 400 meters in width, forming a 45-degree slope.

Have you heard of a desert that sings as you slide on it? Well, here at Resonant Sand Bay, you can experience this unique natural phenomenon. When the weather is dry, you will hear sounds in the sand, light as croaks or loud as a plane, as you slide down the slopes. If several people are sliding together, the sound will be so loud that you might feel as if the dune is trembling.

There are many folk tales about this phenomenon. One of them said that very long ago, a lamasery was located here. One day when the lamas were chanting sutra and beating drums, suddenly a wild wind swept over the lamasery and buried it in the sand. Lamas' spirits still linger there, and the sounds are their chanting and bugling… Scientists also made researches and come up with many theories trying to explain the sound. However, none of those theories have yet been proved, and this phenomenon remains a mystery so far.

Resonant Sand Bay is a scenic area mixed with desert and ethnic features. Here, you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the vast desert, and take part in the exciting activities. Resonant Sand Bay has the first-class ethnic performance in Inner Mongolia and the largest camel troup in China.

To many tourists, the most exciting experience at Resonant Sand Bay might be riding a camel. The camel walks like a pendulum, and takes tourists deeper into the vast desert, to escape from hustle and bustle of city life, to visit herdsmen's yurt, or to watch that beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Other exciting activities you wouldn't want to miss inculde sliding, paragliding, surf riding, karting, etc., all on the desert. You can also spend the night at the desert and live in a yurt. In the evening, there will be campfire parties where you can join in and perhaps make some new friends. The famous wedding ceremony of Mongolians will let you know more of the Mongolian folk customs.

Questions and Answers About Resonant Sand Bay

Gabriel Ruske Freitas 2012-10-14
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Hi there!Is late November a good period to visit such beautiful region?Would it be ok to get transport until there and accommodation?Thanks a lot!Regards,Gabriel

Hi Gabriel, from the previous report, in late Nov. the weather in Resonant Sand Bay could be very cold. The temperature is from -1℃ to -10℃. But in early Nov. the temperature is from 10℃ to 1℃. So if you have time swift, you can choose an earlier one. And better get the transport and accommodation arranged in advance.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-10-15
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