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Beihai Attractions

Clean beaches, plentiful sunshine, and water are what travelers enjoy of Beihai. Beihai, with attractions focused on beaches and islands, is a lovely coastal city in south China famous for its silver-like beaches. The two most famous attractions in Beihai are Silver Beach and Weizhou Island. Tours to Beihai are currently unavailable on our site, but we can help you design your own trip to Beihai for free.

Most Popular Beihai Attractions

Beihai Silver Beach

Overview Silver Beach Silver Beach is one of the best beaches in China, with a total area of 22 square kilometers (8.5 square miles). For thousands of years, fine quartz has been accumulating o..

Weizhou Island

Overview Weizhou Island Weizhou Island is the biggest extinct volcano island in China, with an area of 25 square kilometers (9.7 square miles). It is also called "Great Penglai" (Penglai is a legen..

Beihai Ocean Window

Beihai Ocean Window, bordering the beautiful North Bay in Beihai, applies high technology with sound, light and electricity to display the gorgeous scene of the ocean. Beihai Ocean Window is a large comprehen..

Beihai Old Street

Beihai Old Street was built in 1883 with a history of over 100 years; it's 1.44 kilometers in length and is 9 meters wide. Overhang-style buildings, which combine Western and Chinese elements, line the str..