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Beihai Ocean Window

Beihai Ocean Window, bordering the beautiful North Bay in Beihai, applies high technology with sound, light and electricity to display the gorgeous scene of the ocean. Beihai Ocean Window is a large comprehensive sea museum, standing at the top of marine science and technology, broadcasting the culture of the ocean and demonstrating the fabulous scenery of the sea.

Main Features

This museum consists of mysterious fantastic living corals, a colorful marine history, a new generation no-water aquarium with high technology, a giant circular cylinder, and a realistic and exciting 4D cinema. Moreover, it's made of sixteen themes including: the Mysterious Sea, the Time Tunnel, the Coral Sea, Maritime Silk Road, Zheng He's Travels to the West, the Great Discoveries of Geography, and a 4D Cinema, among others.

Coral Sea

As for now, the exhibition cylinder, which is 28 meters in length and 3 meters in height, is the biggest cylinder in the world to display living coral. With advanced living coral breeding technology, you can see 156 types of corals and over 2,600 species of colorful corals which have come from throughout the world. This is achieved by adjusting the quality and temperature of the water and light to control the stretching and breaking time of the coral, to ensure the corals live very healthily. As a result, it's unnecessary for you to dive to see the living coral.

Ocean Theater Hall

There is a dance show; this isn't an ordinary and boring dance show, but a dance show performed with giant sharks. The performers give the show in the biggest cylinder in China, being 11 meters in length and 13 meters in height. Additionally, the cylinder is three stories high and weighs more than 1,000 tons. Most exciting is that a transparent channel runs though the center of the cylinder, so you can sea creatures and the show more directly.

No-Water Aquarium

Can fishes swim in a tank without water? This can be realized at Beihai Ocean Window. The no-water aquarium applies the third generation of high-tech, so the fishes seem to be swimming in a no-water tank right in front of your eyes. You can only see this in China at the Beihai Ocean Window.

The Time Tunnel

The unique fluorescent manual murals painted by Mr. Yuan Shan, a famous fluorescent painter from Japan, taking three months to finish by manual labor and worth three million CNY, are displayed there. The picture illustrates the form and development of the ocean and some imagination for the future. What is more, if the fluorescent light is turned off, the painting will become a white wall and then you can see nothing. However, when the light is on, the picture is vivid and its structure is clear. You have to marvel at the superb artistry of the master. When you stand by this picture in white clothes, your clothes will be in the fluorescent state. It's very beautiful.

4D Motion Cinema

It's the highest international standard of special film at present. The four-dimensional scenes with realistic feelings water spraying, impacts, sweeping over the legs, and shaking let you not only watch a movie but also fully integrate into the film.

Travel Essentials

Opening times: 8:00am-6:00pm

Location: In the middle of Sichuan South Road, Beihai or the junction of Sichuan Road and New Century Avenue

Transportation: Take buses 3 and 5, arriving at the front door directly