Weizhou Island


Weizhou Island is the biggest extinct volcano island in China, with an area of 25 square kilometers (9.7 square miles). It is also called "Great Penglai" (Penglai is a legendary fairy island in the East China Sea.). Weizhou Island is the biggest and the youngest volcanic island of China and the biggest island of Guangxi Autonomous Region. It is formed from the piling up of lava from successive volcanic eruptions. Its coastal geology, landforms and lava can be seen nowhere else in China.


weizhou island

Weizhou Island is located 67 kilometers (42 miles 36 nautical miles) from Beihai's Port, that is 1.5 to 3 hours by boat, or 40 kilometers (25 miles) off Silver Beach.


Weizhou Island has a wealth of unspoiled natural scenery, such as volcanic lava and a magnificent crater, coral reefs and various species of unusual vegetation. Straight pines and huge cacti cover the cliffs, which stand tens of meters high. Sea birds can be seen perched on the reefs or hovering over the waves. The coastal landforms are also very special. The waves, currents and tides have eroded the coastal rocks into a wide array of forms: caves, trenches, cliffs and pillars.

The seawater around the Weizhou Island is green like jade. When looking into the distance, it gradually changes into blue, then dark blue until melts into the sky. The sea is so limpid that corals and other sea creatures are clearly visible.

The sand of the beaches here is pure yellow contrasting sharply with the jade green sea.

Weizhou Island's wildlife: seals, sea cows, whales, dolphins, crabs, squid, sea horses, snails, jellyfish, have won this island the label "Nature's Aquarium".

weizhou islandDelicious seafood in Weizhou Island

Nanwan (South Bay) is a natural bay formed after a major volcanic eruption, which opens to the south with cliffs on the other three sides. All sorts of fishing boats berth there.

The fishing village is very attractive. It boasts not only charming and rustic scenery, but also simple fishing folk, without pesky salesmen rushing to the tourists, which usually happen in many other scenic spots. Walking through the simple village, you will find a Catholic church constructed with a special kind of coral stones, earthen tiles and wood. It is a fascinating church, built by French Catholics in 1869, with a total area of 774 square meters (8330 square feet). It also has affiliated buildings such as a monastery, school, hospital and orphanage. Surprisingly, this western-styled church and the traditional Chinese fishing village form a harmonious whole. Sanpo Temple and Shengmu Temple, which combine both Western and Chinese styles are also located there.

You can not only appreciate the beauty of nature there, but also experience the fun of an island settlement. Adventure on the island, fishing, bathing, picking up shells as well as diving are all on offer to make your trip more fulfilling.

Popular Tourist Activities

1. Swimming
2. Diving
3. Walking on the sand
4. Exploring a volcanic island
5. Living amongst an island fishing community
6. Photography


Take bus No. 3 to Beihai International Passenger Port. The boat departs at 08:30. (1.5 hours are needed for the fast boat and 3 hours are needed for the slow boat.) Tourists usually disembark at Nanwan Bay. You can leave the island by boat at 15:30.