Badaling Ski Resort


If you are looking for a ski resort within an hour’s driving distance from Beijing that has interesting scenic sites, Badaling Ski Resort is a good pick because it is near the Great Wall of China. It is only three kilometers away from the Wall. There are hot springs nearby for enjoyment also, and an American style restaurant. This ski park is one of the newest in the Beijing area. It is about 2.5 square kilometers in size. It’s in Yanqing County and is about 75 kilometers north of downtown Beijing. Unlike in other resorts, basic instruction is free. More personal instruction is available from foreign and Chinese coaches. The foreign coaches charge more. See China Highlights' skiing tours to experience China's ski resorts.


The resort features two 800 meter elementary ski runs. There are also two 600 meter intermediate ski runs and one 800 meter high-level ski run. There is also a 2300 meter motor run. However, the intermediate and advanced slopes have low difficulty. The park isn’t meant for advanced skiers. It is more of a ski park meant for easy fun.

There is an American style restaurant called Grandma's Kitchen. It offers fast food starting at just RMB 25 (about 3.50 USD). There are also various kinds of sandwiches, milk shakes, and pies, as well as heavier fare such as fried chicken, steak, and mashed potatoes, etc.

·Other activities include ice skating and going to the nearby hotsprings. Longmai Hot Spring Resort and Tianlongyuan Hot Spring Resort are both nearby.

·There are ski lodges for accommodation, stores and a gym in the resort.

How To Get There

Drive along Badaling Highway to Badaling Huaxuechang, or take bus route 919 at Deshengmen direct to the ski site. It is less than an hour by taxi from the city center. See Beijing transportation


The peak crowds on the slopes come during the two week Spring Festival national holidays that start on the lunar new year; that is, during the two weeks after February 13, 2010. The area will be unusually busy on these days, and transportation is more difficult and more expensive.

The varied weather around Beijing may not allow skiing all season long. The resort has snow making equipment.

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Questions and Answers About Badaling Ski Resort

mira 2013-01-03
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hi, is it possible to walk from badaling great wall to badaling ski resort??
Dear Mira, Thanks for your question. It is impossible to walk from Badaling Great Wall Section to Badaling Ski Resort since they are two separate parts. It takes around 20 minutes driving from Badaling Great Wall Section to Badaling Ski Resort. As a travel agency, we can arrange tours to Badaling Great Wall Section and Badaling Ski Resort or other city tours all over China. Please feel free contact me at any time if you need any tour arrangements. Nancy Nancy Deng replied on 2013-01-04
gribson 2012-11-03
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Hiwill be in Bejing from 1 dec to 7 decwill like to go to skii resort to stay overnight am thinking of Badaling resort after visiting great wall and Ming tombdo you have any suggestion plsthanks

Hello gribson, since you will have 7 days in China. i would like to suggest you Yabuli Snow resort.  Yabuli Ski area is 194 km east of Harbin and has ten ski resorts. Yabuli Ski Resort and Yabuli Sun Mountain are two of the largest ski resorts with some of best facilities in China. The area is not only famous for its skiing China but is also renowned for its beauty. You may take a look at our tour to Yabuli, here is the link: Please feel free to let me know if you like me to send you a proposal.

Simon Huang replied on 2012-11-03
test 2012-06-17
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test test test Based on the former data, the average temperature will be -5°C to 4°C in Dec. and -9°C to 1°C in Jan. It''s very cold. You''d better take
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