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Beijing Folklore Museum

The Beijing Folklore Museum is located in the original Dongyue Taoist Temple, which was built in 1319. The museum is the only folklore museum in Beijing, and besides exhibiting folklore items all year round, it attracts numerous local people by holding abundant folklore activities during traditional holidays (e.g. the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival).

The museum is organized in three main courtyards, holding many collections of statues, steles, stone tablets, couplets, and inscriptions. You will get a feeling of what the Taoist supernatural world is like by observing the statues. Each department of the supernatural world is depicted in a series of statues accompanied by a description of each and its role and purpose, which makes some interesting reading. Furthermore, you can leave a small offering in the collection box or hang a fortune card, if you want to appease the gods and make a wish.

The folklore museum is a wonderful place to while away one or two hours, whether you are after a slice of tranquility or are interested in traditional Chinese mythology.

  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 16:30 (closed on Mondays)
  • Address: 141, Chaowai Avenue, Chaoyang District
  • Subway: Line 2, Chaoyangmen Station, use Exit A, walk another 5 minutes in eastern direction along the avenue.