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The Beijing Aquarium

With a floorspace of 42000 square meters and a construction space of 120000 square meters respectively, the Beijing Aquarium is the largest inland one of its kind and boasts thousands of aquatic creatures and other species.

Main Attractions

Tropical Forests: The meandering paths, the down-pouring waterfalls, the zigzagging brooks, the mystic statues and the ever-chirping birds all remind any perambulator they are in the miniature version of the mysterious Amazon primeval forest. The 22 display tanks of different sizes and shapes are scattered like pearls betwix the rock cracks and forests according to the topography. The essential tropical forests landscape really makes you linger on. Main aquatic species include: the Colorful fairy fish, Glass catfish, African Prince, Koi carp, pirarucu, blue sharks, Gold pomfret, Monkfish, Herringl, Gar, Archerfish, Angelfish, Piranha, Olfactory striped bass.


The Touchable Pond: With the golden sunshine caressing the silvery beach and the waves whispering to the various creatures residing in happy tides, visitors to this 48-meter-long miniature coastline are sure in for a treat. Here you can touch all kinds of mollusks of different shapes and forms, and not acapella. The waves sound is your band. Kids would jump into the Touchable Tank to enjoy all the fun a giant sea turtle can bring them. Main Aquatic Species: Sea urchin, Sea anemone, Starfish, Hermit crab, China Limulus.

The Undersea Loop: A tour in the giant undersea loop finds you beginning the tour from the South China sea and moves onto the East Pacific, the India Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and then finish your tour inside this giant acrylic plastic loop like Alice out from her wonderland. The transparent loop with 32 giant tanks on it unveils the mysteris of the ocean right under your nose. The typical oceanic creatures inside the tanks include: Whip Butterflyfish, Long-nose unicornfish, Sickle Butterfly, Palette Surgeonfish, Sea anemone, Sea Horse, High-fin fish, yellow tang,Blue stripped butterflies, Sickle Butterfly, Spiny Puffer, coral, Groupers, Stone Fish, Boxfish, Heart spot Acanthurus, Clownfish, Panda Dragon, Dr.Fish.

The Shark Pier: The biggest acrylic plastic showcase shelf, the mysteriously dark ocean bed, and the shark bearing its killer teeth right in front of you ,scraping by with the skin of its teeth all remind you that you are standing in front of a big 3D display tube that can give you a holistic vision of the contents. Be ready for the litany of pleasant surprises that will challenge both your imagination and your sight. Hold your breath, literally, in this shark zone. You are going to leave here really impressed. Main attractions: White Sharks, Grey nurse shark ,the great white sharks. Various activities like diving ,shark-feeding and dancing with sharks are available for dare-devils.

Chinese sturgeon Hall: Dubbed as the Panda in the ocean and endemic to the Yangtze River, Chinese sturgeons are on the top of the 27 kinds of sturgeons and enjoy state-level protection. Looking through the transparent acrylic plastic tube , you can see a live rendition of the habitat and the reproduction process. And you can also get further info from the bulletins which give real insight into the legendary and charming life of a sturgeon. The underwater sturgeon feeding demonstration showcased how man and this creature coexists harmoniously. Main attractions: Sturgeons and underwater sturgeon feeding demonstration.

The Dolphin-whale Bay: This place is home to some really smart aquatic creatures. The friendship between the dolphins and the trainers are forged during the daily training and visitors can also have a man-to-dolphin session. Trainers will also tell you some interesting stories about the whales. 
Main attractions: Dolphins, Whales.

The Oceanic Theater: The romantic and Hawaiiresque oceanic theater can hold more than 3000 visitors and is very popular among the visitors. The diversified performances by these animals on the sapphire-like water constantly earn stand ovation from the excited audiences. Main attractions: Flying-rocket man, Sea lions, dolphins playing balls, etc.

Travel Essentials

  • Opening Hours:
  • Summer (April 1 - October 31): 9:00-17:30, Winter (November 1 - March 31): 9:00 - 17:00
  • Ticket Price:
  • 120 yuan per person, Children shorter than 1.2 meters can enjoy free admission
  • Getting There:
  • Take public bus No.7, 15, 19, 27, 45, 332, 334, 347, 360, 601 or 708.

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