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Lingshan Ski Resort

Lingshan Ski Resort is located in Lingshan Mountain scenic area with an altitude of 2303 meters, which is the highest natural ski resort in Beijing. The view from there is clear and natural. If you come and ski here in winter, you can surmount yourself and challenge your limit.

There are two pistes here, the junior and senior piste, matched with all facilities and a ropeway to transport the tourists to the mountains. The junior piste is built under the middle ropeway station, which is 15 meters wide and 215 meters long. All the skiing tutors are from experienced former national team. This resort has good transportation and matched with all facilities. After sporting, you can live in the Ling mountain training center and taste special roasted full sheep, you can also live with fire warmed bed in farmer's house and eat country meals. See China Highlights ski tours to ski in Lingshan Ski Resort.

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