Limestone karst country, natural landscape, and memorial sites. It is noted for the sharp ridges and open water.


The Shidu (十渡) Scenic area is near Zhangfang Town (张坊镇) in Fangshan District (房山区). It is only about 80 kilometers or 50 miles from Beijing’s central area. Travel there is easy because there is a train station near it. Walking around among the steeply rising valley walls, you can see a lot of memorials and war mementos.

For those who have been to Guilin or Yangshuo and seen the karst formations there, Shidu has similar eroded limestone hills and rock formations. So it is sometimes called the “Guilin of the North.” Unlike Yangshuo, this area has memorial sites and battlefield remains. Bungee jumping and rock climbing are things you can do in the park. It has a 48-meter high jumping platform and a 55-meter high jumping platform. You can walk around and see all the different paintings, inscriptions, memorials and signs.

Nearby Attractions

Close to Shidu, there is another park called Longhugou Waterfall Scenic Area.

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Address: Shidu Zhen, Beijing Fangshan District (北京市房山区十渡镇).

Bus: Bus 917.

Train: Going there by train from Beijing probably isn't convenient since it is so close to Beijing. But the train station is called Fangshan Station. A train leaves the Beijing Western Train Station and arrives there in about 2.5 hours even though the distance traveled is only about 90 kilometers. But maybe it is a good slow way to get a view of the country. Tickets are quite cheap.

Private Vehicle: Jingsi Expressway Liuli River exit-Liuli River-Yueli Road-Yuegezhuang-Yunju Temple-Zhouzhang Road-Zhangbao Road-Shidu.

Important Information

Hours: 8:00 am to 6 pm.

Best time to visit: June 1st to October.