The Top 5 Things You Can Only Do in Beijing

An escapeto Beijing is so abundant with exotic highlights that it rivals the Parisian gem, the Eiffel Tower, the Egyptian pyramids and New York’s LadyLiberty in just one visit. Because of its boundless history and the city’sexpansive legroom Beijing’s "killer apps" are endless aswell. Here we will delve into the top five.

Travel in Time

Beijing’s history spans centuries anddistances. Visitors, though unable be traverse time, can be taken the distancein a rickshaw of the late Qing Dynasty through the Ming Tombs or hutongs. Then there arethe sidecar tours. Only in Beijing can visitors traverse through the QingDynasty, hang a right at the Tang Dynasty and enjoy the natural sceneryin-between all from the comfort of a cozy Mao era sidecar.

On occasion matching the historical localewith the equivalent mode of transit indulges visitors in an experience thatspans the city’s space and time.

Soar Above The Wall

The Great Wall is a vast structure thatstretches China’s northern borders, and a world wonder.Without a doubt a must-see for any visitor to China. But only in Beijing canvisitors take in such a variety ofGreat Wall sections: Badaling, Gubeikou, Mutianyu, Simatai, or countless other Beijing-exclusive sections of the wall.

Hike over the curve of the wall’s body andtowers, navigate the wall as it slithers a path through forestry, snow topped peaksand valleys. Witness three centuries of construction unfold over the backdropof Beijing’s unique landscape and scenery. See our Great Wall tours.

Live the Olympic Dream

Visitors often overlook the majesty of the 2008 Chinese Olympics.The government and citizens viewed this as China’s coming out party and thefestivities are still on display. The Herzog and de Meuron designed Bird’s Nest gleams like a gem amid the ultra modern Olympic Village. Traditional architecturesclash and collage with contemporary designs.

Along with the massive ocean blue WaterCube, a lake haloing the stadium and countless other photo opportunities, our Post-Olympic Tour allows tourists to relive the past glory.

Topple the Empires

The Forbidden City, Summer Palace andYuanmingyuan Park, were once the exclusiveVIP hotspots for the emperor, the preferred elite and the emperor’s mostvalued concubines only. Foreigner explorers were not allowed to stand on theground, only kneel. The very groundof the ancient capital and empire in all its grandiose splendor now welcomesvisitors.

Exclusive to the capital, these ancientwonders of the royalty and affluent offer a glance back as well as a stepforward into the understanding of Chinese culture.

Worship at Famous Temples

The migration of Buddhist ideas, theorigins of Taoism and the influence of Confucianism all merge in Beijing. WithThe Lama Temple, The Temple of Heaven, and White Cloud Monastery, three world-renowned temples all located in the capital, Beijing serves food for the soul.

Only in the capital can tourists take abreather and experience the sensations and reverence of these Beijing-exclusive temples.

Runner Up:Study the Universities

Beijing is home to nearly half of the top-ranked Universities in the country. Tsinghua (#1) and Peking University (#2) areamong some of the highest ranked and most historically daunting schools in theworld. Only in Beijing can the unique culture and rare insight into the Orient’seducational fervor be witnessed.

Honorable Mention:Genuine Chinese Cuisine

The origins of many Chinese cuisines can betraced back the capital. In Beijing the succulent tastes leave visitors lookingforward to the luncheons and dinners just as much as they do the tours. Enter Quanjuede, the Beijing original, now international restaurant and try thenational cuisine: Beijing Duck, with friends and family. Nothing beats the local, native, and originalflavor of this centuries-old icon of taste.

In a Word

No matter what corner of the globe one searches these exclusive Beijing sights and locales are ONLY in the capital. China Highlights has got Beijing covered, with tours offering exotic experiences and exclusive methods of exploring the orient's most vivacious city.

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