Beijing Round Trips

Beijing Round Trips offer a convenient way to visit the other cities and return to Beijing. We also specialize in Customizing Beijing Tours for individuals and families.

Every tour is backed by our Value Guarantee and our Money Back Service Guarantee.

1-Day Beijing & Xian Highlights Tour
  • Summary: Desperate to see the Entombed Warrior but have little time? We can help. We will fly you to Xian for the day, show you the highlights and deliver you back to Beijing the same day.
  • Tour Code: BJ-10
Full price from:
$519 p/p
3-Day Xian Highlights Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Xian is called "The history of China". See the - Terra Cotta Warriors and Xian's other highlights in this Chinese history expose.
  • Tour Code: BJ-52
Full price from:
$919 p/p
3-Day Xian Discovery by train from Beijing
  • Summary: Have you ever experienced the train travel in China? Join in our 3-day train round trip tour between Beijing and Xian to see China's most famous historical site - Terra Cotta Warriors.
  • Tour Code: BJ-53
Full price from:
$499 p/p
2-Day Xian and Terra Cotta Warriors Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Take a 1 1/2 hour flight from Beijing to see the 2500-year-old history of Xian and the eighth wonder of the world – The Terra Cotta Warriors.
  • Tour Code: BJ-60
Full price from:
$919 p/p
2-Day Shanghai and Zhujiajiao Watertown Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: We give you the must-see Shanghai highlights and then a change of pace to experience Zhujiajiao Watertown to escape from the hassle of city for a short time.
  • Tour Code: BJ-73
Full price from:
$559 p/p
4-Day Xian Tour and Mt. Hua from Beijing
  • Summary: You have 4 days to explore the history and culture of Xi'an at the Terra Cotta Warriors, the ancient City Wall, and then visit one of the most revered mountains in China - Mt. Hua.
  • Tour Code: BJ-62
Full price from:
$519 p/p
3-Day Modern Shanghai Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Fly from Beijing for 3 days to see China's future, the modern miracle which is Shanghai.
  • Tour Code: BJ-54
Full price from:
$839 p/p
3-Day Old Shanghai Tour by Bullet Train from Beijing
  • Summary: See the incredible symbol of modern Shanghai - the Oriental Pearl TV Tower as well as experiencing the charm of old Shanghai by walking its old alleys and much more.
  • Tour Code: BJ-55
Full price from:
$709 p/p
4-Day Guilin & Longsheng Terraced Rice Fields Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Escape bustling Beijing for 4 days to Guilin & the Longsheng Terraces to experience the clean rivers, green mountains and peaceful countryside.
  • Tour Code: BJ-56
Full price from:
$1349 p/p
3-Day Escape to Beautiful Guilin & Yangshuo
  • Summary: Get away from the hustle & bustle of big city life to one of nature's masterpieces, it's feast for your senses.
  • Tour Code: BJ-22
Full price from:
$1229 p/p
5-Day Guilin, Longsheng and Yangshuo Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: 5 days to fully explore Guilin city and its surroundings – the Longji Terraced Field and Yangshuo County. The Longji Terraced Rice Fields are a photographers paradise which varies from season to season. Yangshuo County is much loved by foreigners – nice people, stunning countryside scenery and a leisurely pace of life. Slow down and drunk in the atmosphere.
  • Tour Code: BJ-66
Full price from:
$1519 p/p
2-Day Guilin Li River Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Take a Li River Cruise to experience the tranquil country side and rural life and visit the fascinating Reed Flute Cave and the symbol of Guilin City – Elephant Trunk Hill. Guilin is unforgettable.
  • Tour Code: BJ-64
Full price from:
$1099 p/p
4-Day Hong Kong Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Hong Kong is the Pearl of the Orient! Victoria Harbor is dazzling by night and Victoria Peak and pretty Repulse Bay are full of history and romance. These are just a couple of reason to visit Hong Kong. Go, experience it for yourself.
  • Tour Code: BJ-57
Full price from:
$2219 p/p
3-Day Hong Kong Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Hong Kong is an intoxicating blend of western culture and eastern traditions. This tours gives you one free day to explore the city by yourself besides the must-see sites: Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, and Aberdeen village.
  • Tour Code: BJ-65
Full price from:
$1999 p/p
2-Day Hong Kong Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Hong Kong is a fascinating combination of East and West but it has its own unique and distinctive culture. Victoria Peak, features Hong Kong's most unusual building. Aberdeen Harbor is home to hundreds of people living on fishing junks while Repulse Bay is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Hong Kong.
  • Tour Code: BJ-67
Full price from:
$1869 p/p
8-Day Lhasa Tour on Tibet Train from Beijing
  • Summary: Experience the Tibet railway traveling from Beijing to Lhasa. Fascinating, beautiful Tibet is waiting to be explored.
  • Tour Code: BJ-59
Full price from:
$1249 p/p
4-Day Lhasa Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Explore "the City of Sunshine" – Lhasa at your own pace. Potala Palace is a treasure house of Tibetan culture and mystery while the "one step one bow" in the Barkhor Street is another remarkable Tibetan custom. The tour includes round trip airfare.
  • Tour Code: BJ-58
Full price from:
$1629 p/p
6-Day Beijing – Lhasa Train Excursion
  • Summary: Looking for something different to do for a few days? Look no further, Tibet is calling! This mysterious culture on the roof of the world has so much to offer. From its mystical temples to stark yet beautiful landscape, you will not be disappointed.
  • Tour Code: BJ-19
Full price from:
$1599 p/p
4-Day Yangtze River Escape
  • Summary: Escape the phone and email for a few days as you cruise the magnificent Yangtze River. The beauty of the river is complimented by many strange and unusual shore excursions that are included on the cruise.
  • Tour Code: BJ-21
Full price from:
$1319 p/p
8-Day Beijing & Sunlit City Lhasa Tour
  • Summary: The ancient city of Lhasa features blue skies, crystal clear river water, refreshing air, and a beautiful environment. We combine this Lhasa experience with the Beijing’s most famous attractions to show the extent and diversity of China.
  • Tour Code: BJ-68
Full price from:
$1969 p/p
2-Day Beijing & Chengde Highlights Tour
  • Summary: Chengde - the Mountain retreat of the Qing Dynasty Emperors and a perfect place to escape Beijing's hustle and bustle. Treat yourself!
  • Tour Code: BJ-11
Full price from:
$449 p/p
6-Day Beijing Classic and Chengde Highlights Tour
  • Summary: Chengde - the Mountain retreat of the Qing Dynasty Emperors and a perfect place to escape Beijing's hustle and bustle after you've seen Beijing's "must see" attractions in the classic tour.
  • Tour Code: BJ-13
Full price from:
$709 p/p
3-Day Hangzhou Wuzhen Ancient Town Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Visit the heaven on Earth that is Hangzhou. In your China tour, you will visit the most charming of Hangzhou tourist attractions including West Lake, the Lingyin Temple and the ancient town of Wuzhen.
  • Tour Code: BJ-80
Full price from:
$1119 p/p
4-Day Beijing & Pingyao Highlights Tour
  • Summary: Once a center of trade and finance, Pingyao still remains much as it did hundreds of year ago and is the best preserved walled city in China.
  • Tour Code: BJ-12
Full price from:
$499 p/p
3-Day Western Escape - Dunhuang Adventure
  • Summary: China's west is huge and so are the opportunities to explore this fascinating land. Dunhuang some of the best attractions in this vast country. See for yourself.
  • Tour Code: BJ-20
Full price from:
$1419 p/p
3-Day Datong Yungang Grottoes Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: 50 minutes’ flight takes you from Beijing to Datong. See one of China's four most famous Buddhist Grottoes - Yungang Grottoes and the Hanging Temple which dates back to Northern Wei Dynasty, 1500 years ago.
  • Tour Code: BJ-76
Full price from:
$669 p/p
4-Day Lijiang Escape Package
  • Summary: No one should miss visiting Lijiang! Many cultures mix and merge in Lijiang. It's beauty is equalled only by the ethnic diversity as many cultures come together in the city that has seen more than 1000 years of history.
  • Tour Code: BJ-23
Full price from:
$1709 p/p
3-Day Escape to tranquil Huangshan
  • Summary: If you get tired of cities, Huangshan offers a peaceful escape for your China tour. This China tour package takes you to the famous Huangshan, plus a visit to the local village.
  • Tour Code: BJ-24
Full price from:
$1149 p/p
8-Day Beijing Essence and Jiuzhaigou Scenic Tour
  • Summary: In this China tour package, you will not only tour the most important Beijing tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Summer Palace, but also be astounded by Jiuzhaigou’s lovely natural beauty.
  • Tour Code: BJ-75
Full price from:
$2239 p/p
4-Day Jiuzhaigou Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Jiuzhaigou, noted for its wonderful scenery, is offered to you in this 4 day China tour package. You will go to Rize Valley, Shuzheng Valley and Zechawa Valley, experiencing Jiuzhaigou's beauty in a special way.
  • Tour Code: BJ-77
Full price from:
$2209 p/p
5-Day Harbin Ice World and Yabuli Skiing Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Hit the slopes at Yabuli instead of the pavement in Beijing this winter. We've got it all covered for you.
  • Tour Code: BJ-25
Full price from:
$1419 p/p
7-Day Escape to Xinjiang
  • Summary: China's far flung northwest is filled with mystery for most of us. Unlock this unique area as we help you explore Xingjiang.
  • Tour Code: BJ-27
Full price from:
$2999 p/p
5-Day Chengdu Escapade with Roundtrip Flights between Beijing and Chengdu
  • Summary: The Chengdu area is the home China's symbol, the Panda and features the world famous Panda research center. Why not see that Pandas and take in the other amazing attractions at the same time.
  • Tour Code: BJ-28
Full price from:
$1699 p/p
6-Day Beijing plus the Great Wall Meets the Ocean Combo
  • Summary: Few people realize that "The Great Wall" China's ancient defense system commences at the Pacific Ocean edge. Combine Beijing's Highlights with a visit to "Old Dragon's Head" - the most easterly point of the Great Wall.
  • Tour Code: BJ-35
Full price from:
$939 p/p
3-Day Explore Datong from Beijing
  • Summary: The World Heritage listed Datong Yugang Grottoes; one of China's most famous historical sites is within easy reach of Beijing by train.
  • Tour Code: BJ-36
Full price from:
$459 p/p
4-Day Beijing private tour package from Guangzhou
  • Summary: Fly from Guangzhou to see the historical imperial sites – the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace in Beijing and climb the magnificent Great Wall. Slow your pace and listen to the voice of history before returning to Guangzhou by air.
  • Tour Code: BJ-78
Full price from:
$1099 p/p
5-Day Shanghai Extension Tour to Suzhou and Hangzhou from Beijing
  • Summary: There is a saying - "Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth". This tour includes the must-see sights in Shanghai, as well as the classic garden city of Suzhou and the spectacularly beautiful Hangzhou.
  • Tour Code: BJ-63
Full price from:
$1319 p/p
2-Day Hangzhou West Lake Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Hangzhou is called "Heaven on The Earth" in China. Visit the beautiful West Lake, climb the Pagoda of Six Harmonies and wonder around Qinghefang Pedestrian Street. Travel from and to Beijing by flight.
  • Tour Code: BJ-79
Full price from:
$899 p/p
4-Day Inner Mongolia Xilamuren Grassland Tour from Beijing
  • Summary: Making the 4 days worthy, this China tour package will take you to Inner Mongolia. There, you will ride on a horse, tour significant religious sites and experience the grassland’s wonderful view and the herders’ peaceful lifestyle.
  • Tour Code: BJ-72
Full price from:
$559 p/p
4-Day Inner Mongolia Tour to Gegentala Grassland from Beijing
  • Summary: The vast Gegentala Grassland, the exotic herder lifestyle, the well preserved lamasery and temples; this 4 day Beijing to Inner Mongolia tour will offer you a lifetime memory.
  • Tour Code: BJ-81
Full price from:
$569 p/p