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The Coolest Places In Beijing
Maybe not at first glance, Beijing is littered with options for party-going traveler’s idea of cool, adventure and thrill-seeker cool, and even those who prefer the leisurely concept of the word; every definition of cool can be found in the capital of cool.
Beijing Hutong Walking Day Tour
Visit eight attractions in the northeast of Beijing's old city center to discover ancient architecture, the original Beijing atmosphere, and Chinese culture. Walking will let you experience the hutong atmosphere like no other form of transport!
Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Beijing
Beijing's foilage season begins in middle October and ends in early November. Mountains and hills in the suburbs of Beijing are really spectacular in the autumn season. Listed below are the best places close to Beijing to see fall foilage.
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13 Things Not to Do in Beijing

Beijing has plenty of things that will put a damper on your trip. Read this to make the most of your time in Beijing.

Best Beijing Massages and Spas

Getting a massage or spa after a day tour is a good way for relaxing. This page shows you recommended places for massage and spa in Beijing.

11 Recommended Courtyards in Beijing

Several of the best Beijing siheyuan courtyards (traditional hutong residences with houses on four sides) once housed celebrities.

Best Places/Restaurants to Eat Noodles in Beijing

The best noodle restaurants in Beijing include Xian’r Lao Mian, Len Len, and Invincible Ramen, with noodles styles from all over China and abroad.

10 Top Churches to Attend in Beijing

Beijing's various denominations welcome foreign tourists to some of the biggest church gatherings in mainland China.

Beijing Tour Planning and Travel Tips

Articles on Beijing Tour Planning

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Beijing's Seasonal Sights — What to Do Spring to Winter

Read articles on things to do in Beijing that you can only usually do in one of Beijing's four seasons — from Spring Festival to fall colors to skiing.

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Best of Beijing — Places to Go, Things to Do

Articles on the top places to go in Beijing for various interest groups, and activities you may not have thought of, to help you get the best from Beijing.

How to Celebrate the Double Seventh Festival in Beijing

Beijing's most popular celebrating ways of the Double Seventh Festival are introduced in this article, including giving gifts, having dinners, and watching Movie

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Best Outdoor Dining and Drinking in Beijing

10 of the best venues for outdoor dining and drinking in Beijing

Top Beijing Brunches

Just because there's a lot to see doesn't mean you can't take some time to relax. Try Beijing's best Western-style brunch spots.

Best Beijing Western Restaurants

An introduction to some of Beijing's best Western restaurants.

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Best Spicy Sichuan Food Restaurants in Beijing

Sichuan cuisine, many say, is the best hot/spicy food in China. These top Beijing restaurants are sure to spice up your life.

Top Water Parks in Beijing

An introduction to six of Beijing's best water parks, including the Water Cube, man-made beaches, and other cheaper fun alternatives.

The Best Cafes in Beijing for Tourists

Eight tourist-friendly cafe's to get your coffee fix, all located in close proximity to some of Beijing's most incredible tourist sites.

Enjoying Beijing on a Business Trip

Passing through Beijing on a business trip? Prior commitments do not mean that you can't enjoy yourself, too. Check out our suggestions.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Beijing

Romantic restaurants in Beijing with introductions, addresses, prices, etc.

Articles on Food & Drink Experiences in Beijing

These articles on eating and drinking in Beijing recommend places for specific tastes and experiences, complete with all you need to make your choices.

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Top 12 Beijing Street Snacks You Should Try

A list of the most popular Beijing street snacks, which have been popular for hundreds of years. You can go to Beijing food street to have a bite of them.

9 Best Restaurants for Kids/Children in Beijing

Recommended 9 best restaurants for families in Beijing, including Da Dong Roasted Duck Shop, Agrilandia, China Lounge, Kings Joy Beijing for family with kids.

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Top Things to Do to Seek Old Beijing

Some best things to do to experience the old Beijing, including eating in some old-brand restaurants, shopping in some old department store

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The Best Cold Weather Foods in Beijing

Winter in Beijing can seem cold, but the city is really built for it. Try out these typical Chinese winter foods throughout the capital.

Top 6 Food/Snack Streets in Beijing

Top Beijing snack streets include Jiumen Snacks Street, Wangfujing Snack Street, and more with locations, photos and transportation.

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The Best Places to Buy Tea in Beijing

Four of the best places to buy tea in Beijing are Maliandao Tea Market, Yandai Street, Yashow Market, and Sanyuanli Market.

Beijing's Best English Language Bookstores

Beijing's English bookstores may be rare, but there are definitely some good options out there. Here are four of Beijing's best.

The 5 Best Free Apps for Tourists in Beijing

A rundown of five of the best apps for tourists in Beijing, with useful info on attractions, maps, nightlife, the subway, and walks.

Beijing's Best Art Galleries

Beijing's best art galleries are world class. Read on for what's being exhibited where.

Beijing's Top Ten Bars

The pick of Beijing's popular bars at the low and mid-price levels, including Budget bars, Cellar Door, Chil and Drum Bell, Nian and more bars.

Beijing's Weirdest Museums

An introduction to 10 of Beijing's weirdest and most unusual museums.

Visit the Great Wall with Kids — Fun and Educational

Tips on visiting the Great Wall with children.

Minority Food in the Capital

Introduce the best place to taste minority food from Xinjiang, Yunnan, Tibet, and Ningxia in China's capital, Beijing.

Beijing's Oldest Restaurants

Beijing is a city with centuries of history, and certain food and restaurants are no exception, if you can find them. Here's your guide...

Summer Photography Hot Spots in Beijing

Travel guide to where to take the best photos on a summer's day in Beijing, including Lama Temple, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Jiankou and more places.

A Tour of All the Regional Cookery Schools in Beijing

Try all the eight schools of cookery in China during your trip to Beijing, including Anhui cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Zhejiang cuisine.

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Beijing Vegetarian Restaurants

A list of Beijing vegetarian restaurants, which are categorize according different districts.

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Beijing Hutong Half-Day Walking Tour

This walk is a journey back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368), when the earliest settlements were built in this area.

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Beijing Muslim Restaurants

A list of Beijing Muslim restaurants categorized according different districts. The information includes Chinese name, recommended dishes, price, address, and transportation.

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Beijing Hutong Walking Day Tour

Walking will let you experience the hutong atmosphere like no other form of transport! See eight historic attractions and local life.

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Supernatural Beijing – Ghosts and Hauntings

Ghost fans, you're in luck! Beijing has several places with stories of hauntings, and we've prepared a Ghost Walking Tour for you.

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Organic Food Grows in Popularity in Beijing

Beijing is the best place for organic food in mainland China. Enjoy high-quality, safe, and fresh produce from organic stores and restaurants.

Explore Da Zha Lan Commercial Street

Da Zha Lan Ancient Shopping Street has hutong architecture, souvenir purchasing, and local cuisine, all in the midst of Beijing's top sights.

Annie Wu
Enjoying Beijing on a Tight Budget

Beijing on a Tight Budget is our guide to how to travel Beijing cheaply, with tips and ideas for how to spend less in Beijing, and still enjoy your time there.

Ruru Zhou
The Best Temples in Beijing

The Best Temples in Beijing include the Temple of Heaven, The Temple of the Sun, and Lama Temple.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Beijing on a Big Budget

If you're traveling Beijing on a Big Budget these are the places to go for gourmet, luxury, and class.

The Top 5 Things You Can Only Do in Beijing

No matter what corner of the globe one searches these exclusive Beijing sites and locales are ONLY in the Chinese capital.

Top Places for Fishing around Beijing

If you love fishing, why not see what you can fish from Beijing's waters? We introduce six of the top spots with how to get there info.

Annie Wu
4 Best Teahouses in Beijing

Beijing's teahouses are more than just atmospheric places to sup quality Chinese tea. These entertainment houses host acts galore.

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The Coolest Places In Beijing

Of the cities in the orient, Tokyo is known for its tech, Seoul for its fashion, and Beijing for its history, culture, tradition, and… cool?

The Best Lavender Gardens in Beijing

Do you like lavender? The company of its relaxing scent and color enhances a Beijing summer outing. Here are four of the best lavender gardens.

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Best Places for White Water Rafting around Beijing

Looking for something COOL to do in Beijing’s sultry summer? White water rafting is a fun and scenic way to get some fresh air and excitement.

Annie Wu
The Top 10 Revolving Restaurants in Beijing

Our recommended list of 10 revolving restaurants in Beijing, including CCTV Tower Revolving Restaurant, Starlight Revolving Restaurant, Pinnacle Revolving Restaurant at Kunlun Hotel and more.

Annie Wu
Sand Sledging Around Beijing

Did you know there’s enough sand around Beijing for sand sledging? Enjoy this fun activity and desert scenery at three locations.

Annie Wu
Camping Around Beijing - the Best 10 Camp sites

The top ten camping spots around Beijing give you a chance to escape the city and see some of Beijing’s best countryside.

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6 Best Place to Go Bungee Jumping in Beijing

If you enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping, or want to give it a go, there are some great leaps, along with great scenery or rides.

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The Top 6 Imperial Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing

Discover the top 6 imperial cuisine restaurants to enjoy a luxury dining experience as generations of Chinese emperors did.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
A One-Day Tour of Central Beijing

If you've only got one day in Beijing (and you haven't seen the top sights before), this is the tour for you. Ideal for visa-free Beijing transit.

Annie Wu
Best Roast Duck in Beijing

The Best of Beijing's numerous Roasted Duck Restaurants

The Top 10 Treasures in the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is a treasure house of ancient imperial artifacts. Here we introduce the top ten to look out for.

Ruru Zhou
Beijing Outdoors, Beijing Adventures

This article introduces some special things to do in Beijing's great outdoors, including climbing the Great Wall, going boating, and mountain hiking.

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Top 9 Parks to Go Boating in Beijing

Here are eight great choices for boating in Beijing with travel details and enticing summaries.

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Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant Beijing

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant has a history of 149 years, and Quanjude has formed distinctive cuisines with roast duck and more than 400 specialties.

Top Ten Scams in Beijing

List of the Top Ten Scams in Beijing, including foreign menu, black taxi, discount tours, the tea house scam, the overpriced hotel and more.

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Indulge Your 5 Senses in Beijing

The sight, sound and so much more. Beijing takes yours senses for the ride of their lives.

Most Romantic Places and Activities in Beijing

Beijing has the romance related sights, ideal for a honeymoon or anniversary, and also a fine selection of luxurious hotels.

Ride, Glide & Fly Through Beijing

Beijing has many travel options: horse and carriage, Chinese trolley, motorbike and sidecar, helicopter over the Great Wall, rickshaw through the hutongs.

6 Top Places in Beijing's Suburbs for Golden Ginkgoes

The yellow ginkgo leaves shroud these ancient temples from late October to middle November — a gorgeous sight for photographers and travelers.

Annie Wu
12 Best Places to See Snow in Beijing

Snowfalls sometimes hit Beijing, creating fascinating snowy landscapes. Here are the top places for you to enjoy them.

Beijing for Active Travelers

Looking to stay active on your trip to Beijing? We recommend biking, hiking, tai chi, and hotel fitness facilities.

Annie Wu
Travel Tips for Student Travelers to Beijing

Are you a student or young traveler looking to get the most out of a trip to Beijing? If yes, then click to read on...

Annie Wu
Beijing's Offbeat Attractions — Sometimes Lesser Known is Better

It is a list of a few of Beijing's offbeat (unusual and less-crowded) attractions worth seeing, including Atypical Art Areas and China Honey Bee Museum.

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How to Eat Like a Local in Beijing?

How to Eat Like a Local in Beijing tells you how to find a local restaurants and local food.

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Beijing & Wellbeing

Introducing Beijing's wellbeing and health caring by eating green cuisine, foot massage and spa treatment in Beijing.

Ruru Zhou
Beijing's Best Business Hotels

Business people, you're spoiled for choice in Beijing! We've recommended the best hotels for you in the CBD, Financial Street, and Diplomatic District.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Beijing's Best Family Hotels

Here are five of the best family-friendly hotels in Beijing for luxury, value, and economy. Finally, something the whole family can agree on.

Beijing's Top 10 Ski Resorts

Did you know there are TEN+ ski resorts to choose from around Beijing?! Most have world class facilities — a great way to enjoy a winter Beijing visit.

Annie Wu
Visiting Beijing Parks on a Budget

China Highlights has listed the best 10 parks requiring a low entry fee, so that you can make a selection based on your itinerary.

Annie Wu
Beijing's Top 10 Snack Shops

Beijing is a hub of nation-wide snacks. A collection of famous authentic snack shops in Beijing can meet your requirements without traveling throughout the country.

Best Places to Go to See Flowers in Beijing

The capital of China has a lot of professionally tended gardens where you can see a variety of kinds of gardens, flowers, and flowering trees.

Annie Wu
Beijing’s Top Three Theaters

Whether it's acrobatics, dance, or Peking Opera you want to see, Beijing's top theaters will give you an evening to remember.

Annie Wu
One Week in Summer in Beijing

This travel story of a week-long trip in summer 2013 covers many of the second-time-to-Beijing attractions that you should try.

Annie Wu
Exploring the Great Wall at Badaling

The Badaling section of the Great Wall of China is so popular that we've devoted a page to getting the most out of a visit.

Annie Wu
The 6 Most Beautiful Ancient Villages around Beijing

Go to the six most beautiful ancient villages around Beijing to enjoy both the natural landscape and the folk culture of these areas.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
My Travels around Beijing - Tips and Sugguestions

Based on the author’s personal experiences and several classic travel tips, here are some guidelines to help you have a good time in Beijing.

Annie Wu
Travel Tips for Physically Challenged Travelers to Beijing

These tips and insights will help you navigate and get the best out of a trip to Beijing if you have mobility issues.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Travel Tips for Senior Travelers to Beijing

Senior travelers, here are tips and suggestions for planning a Beijing tour to suit you. We have many years of experience serving senior clients.

Annie Wu
Top Tips for Travelers to Beijing

This selection of top tips for a visit to Beijing covers a broad range of traveler needs, from where to stay to where to go.

Annie Wu
Beijing's Top 10 Museums

Most people would list the 798 and the capital museum as the best museums. But few people know the other good museums.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Six Day Beijing and Tianjin Travel

How to combine Beijing and Tianjin in a six-day tour, with plenty of suggestions on where to sight-see, eat, stay, and shop.

Annie Wu
The Top 10 Hiking Mountains Near Beijing

Exercise, great views, fresh air, the Great Wall, and more... Here are 10 mountains around Beijing we recommend you hike.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Top Free Things to Do in Beijing

Can you imagine having a FREE day in Beijing? Don't worry that you must spend large amounts of money there. Loads of attractions in Beijing are free.

How to See Beijing's Top Attractions by Subway

These four itineraries for touring Beijing by subway take in the top attractions in an efficient and cost effective way.

Annie Wu
Best Food and Restaurants in Beijing Hutongs

A selection of best food and restaurants in Beijing Hutongs with introduction, locations, photos on each restaurant.

Ruru Zhou
The Former Residences of Six Famous Beijing Celebrities

These six houses not only have antique architecture and furnishings, but also celebrity history to go with them.

Annie Wu
8 Must-visit Fall Foliage Places in Beijing

Eight great vistas present to you Beijing's autumnal hues — a feast for the eyes not-to-be-missed.

Annie Wu
 Weirdest Restaurants in Beijing for Unusual Dining Experience

Introducing the top three weirdest restaurants for unusual and unique dining experience in Beijing, including Trojan Fairy, Haloing the Past, Kiev.

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