Tianjin International Cruise Home Port Transfers and Excursions

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port is the newest cruise ship terminal in Port of Tianjin. Opened on June 26, 2010, the port has replaced the former Xingang Port for international cruise ships.

Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing Tour Map

Xingang Port-Beijing Transfer Map

Introduction to Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

Location: 170 km (106 miles) southeast of Beijing and 60 km (38 miles) east of Tianjin, it takes 2–3 hours to drive from Beijing to the terminal, subject to local traffic conditions.

Cruise ships: As the only international cruise terminal in North China, the port at present can house two large cruise ships at the same time. Cruise companies Costa Cruises and Caribbean use the port. It has hosted many luxury cruise ships, including Ocean Princess, Diamond Princess, Sydney Sun Princess, Queen Mary II, and Legends of the Seas.

NOT Xingang Port Passenger Terminal: Located on reclaimed land 26 km from Xingang Port Passenger Terminal (which now serves as a domestic cruise terminal), the new terminal can be hard to find even for local drivers. So passengers should ensure they arrive at Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, not Xingang Passenger Terminal.

Another advantage of our transfer service is that your requirements are double checked. ensuring you get where you want when you need to be there.

Port Essentials

  • Address: Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, South End of Asia Road, Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, Tianjin, North China (中国天津市东疆保税港区亚洲路1号(最南端)天津国际油轮母港)
  • Tel: 022-2570 5871
  • Parking: There is no public parking available at the pier.

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

Transfers Between Tianjin International Cruise Home Port and Beijing

Our pick-up and transfer services from/to Tianjin Port save time with first-rate convenience. Your guide and driver will meet you holding a sign board with your name for recognition. China Highlights will use a suitable vehicle type to suite your group size.

  • Red Flag limousineRed Flag Sedan for 1-2 persons
  • Li River in Yangshuo, GuilinMB100 for 3-6 persons

Transportation Between the Port and Beijing

If you want to pay a visit to Beijing from the port, you can take a taxi to the closest train station­ — Tanggu Railway Station (塘沽火车站, about a 30-minute drive), and then transfer to a bullet train to Beijing. The journey time on the bullet train is about one hour, and a first-class ticket costs 84 yuan.

Taking a taxi is most convenient. Approximate taxi fares are listed below.

China Highlights provides pick-up and transfer services from/to Tianjin Port using a private vehicle with driver and tour guide, and offers several well-designed Beijing tours and Tianjin tours ranging from one day to a week. Or just tell us your requirements and we can tailor-make a tour for you to suit your schedule and interests.

From/To Distance (miles) Approximate Taxi Fares
Beijing International Airport/ Port 150 1,200–1,500 yuan
Beijing City Center/ Port 106 800–1,000 yuan
Tianjin Station/ Port 32 150 yuan
Tianjin City Center/ Port 38 180 yuan
Tanggu Station/ Port 22 50 yuan

Discover Beijing in a Few Hours


If you only have a few hours available and want to see something of Beijing, combine your choose your transfer services with a day tour or half-day tour. Here are the most interesting three (see Beijing Day Tours for more options).


Discover Beijing or Xi'an in Several Days (Transfers Included)

These tour packages include private transfers from/to Tianjin's cruise port, taking you to explore the star attractions of Beijing (or Xi'an) before/after your cruise from Port of Tianjin. They are alll customizable on inquiry.

The attractions and the prices are the same, whether starting from Beijing or Port of Tianjin, but remember to tell your travel advisor where your tour will start from when making your inquiry.

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