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Changchun Weather

The climate of Changchun is in the transition belt between the eastern humid hilly region and the western semiarid flat region, a continental sub humid monsoon climate of medium latitudes.

The east and the south are not far away from the sea, yet Long White Mountain obstructs and slacks down summer monsoon; the west and the north are the flat Songliao Plain, continental polar airs from Siberia proceed without hindrance and various monsoons have serious effect here.

So the climate characteristics here are: it is very long and extremely cold in winter; it is dry and windy in spring; it is very short and warm in summer; and it is sunny and cloudless but the difference in temperature is very large in autumn. Annual average temperature here is 4.8 °C, with maximum  temperature 39.5 °C and minimum temperature -39.8 °C. Annual temperature changes significantly, with distinctive four seasons.    

The best time for traveling is in summer and autumn.

Changchun Average Climate by Month

High (ºC)-10-63142227292722142-7
Low (ºC)-23-20-16-10-5-31917102-8-17
Rain (mm)2.542.5410.1620.3243.1893.98172.72134.6253.3433.0212.72.54
High (ºF)132137567179838071563519
Low (ºF)-10-5314222666624935160
Rain (in)

Changchun Average Monthly Temperatures

Changchun Average Monthly Temperatures

Changchun Average Monthly Precipitation (mm)

Changchun Average Monthly Precipitation