Changsha Attractions

Although only four attractions are listed below, each is worthy of a visit if you are traveling in Changsha. Hunan Provincial Museum has rich collections, including historic relics unearthed from the Mawangdui Tomb, bronze ware s of the Shang (1,600 BC-1046 BC) and Zhou (1046 BC-771 BC) Dynasties, and cultural relics of Wu Kingdom. Join our well-designed Changsha tours and enjoy yourself in Changsha.

Questions and Answers About Changsha Attractions

Nana 2013-04-28
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What is the best transportation from changsha west bus station to Mt. Yuelu?
Dear Nana, You could take No. 902, 908 or 63 bus from west bus station(汽车西站)to Changsha No. 4 hospital station(市四医院站), where is about 1.5 km from Mt.Yuelu. It takes about one hour. Then you could walk or take a taxi to the mountain. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-05-02
shakeel 2012-09-25
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how far is beging from Changsha, how much time will it take to trevel by train or bus

Hi Shakeel, it is about 1,600km from Changsha to Beijing. There is no direct bus, but trains and flights. It takes 13-16hrs by train, about 2hrs by air.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-26
andysifuentes 2011-09-09
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Hi I was in changsha in june of this year 2011 .I stayed at the jin jang inn just off of wushi rd.. the room was small , but very clean and thier are some maids thier that do speak english . the cost was that of about 25 usd a night , they also have a very good resturant on the third floor . i took about 700 hundred american dollar;s and ate three times a day saw manty beautiful sites Yuelu mountians and acadamy and many orther places. I was thier for 7 days and had a wonderful time. the people thier are so very friendly and will try so very hard to talk with you. but i dont advise giong in the summer for it is very humid. I would say november. hope this hepls you . enjoy your stay. Andy
James 2011-02-17
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Hi I plan on visiting Changsha, and was wondering the approximate daily expenses including a reasonable hotel, meals and nightlife, (pubs, shows, restaurants) or just hanging out visiting friends. Can you let me know in Yuan or better if in US dollars? Also what are the best months (weather wise)? Thanks James
CNY800(US$123) to CNY1600(US$246)/day is enough for a daily expense. The best month may be Auguest when the weather is about 15℃ to 20℃. Simon Huang replied on 2011-02-18
francisco coimbra 2010-07-25
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a guest //I ma any chance that you guys can give me the address from a police station in china ?? it s important
Hi francisco, could you please let me know which city's police station you prefer to know? I can get the address for you as soon as you let me know this information. Michael Hu replied on 2010-07-26
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