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Chaozhou Attractions

Chaozhou is not famous for its tourism, but for its manufacture of art wares, such as ceramic for daily use, wedding dresses, and dovetails. Nevertheless, we still list its top three attractions: Kaiyuan Temple, the Thai Buddhist Temple, and Phoenix Heaven Pond

Most Popular Chaozhou Attractions

Kaiyuan Temple

Overview The first Kaiyuan Temple was built in 738 AD in the 26th year of the reign of Emperor Xuanzong. So the site is about 1,200 years old. The complex has been redesigned or reconstructed ten times sin..

The Thai Buddhist Temple

Overview Temples in Thailand are like museums of art. The Thai Buddhist Temple in Chaozhou is decorated like a Thai Buddhist Temple. The roof of the pavilion has multi-faceted angles and doubled eaves. The..

Phoenix Heaven Pond

Overview The elevation of Phoenix Heaven Lake is about 1,325 meters. It is the second highest peak in the eastern part of Guangzhou. The tallest peak is Phoenix Wuji. The scenic area attracts many tourists..