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Phoenix Heaven Pond


The elevation of Phoenix Heaven Lake is about 1,325 meters. It is the second highest peak in the eastern part of Guangzhou. The tallest peak is Phoenix Wuji. The scenic area attracts many tourists. The pond has a unique location, and there is attractive natural scenery.

The area of Heaven Lake is about 76 mu (about half a hectare). The lake is a natural crater lake. The weather is changeable. Sometimes, the lake is a perfect mirror for peaceful towers of cloud, and sometimes the lake is full of waves and is dark and grey. There was a myth that the goddess Queen Mother took a both there. There are many scenic spots in the area such as the Prince Cave, the God Well and the Peace Temple. In addition, the sunrise scenery and the beautiful valley makes Heaven Lake a tourist attraction.

In the lake, there is a strange fish. Its head looks like a frog, its body looks like a crocodile, its tail looks like tadpole, and its back is deep brown. The temperature at Heaven Lake is much lower than that at the foot of the mountain, so bring additional clothes. If tourists have enough time, they can spend the night on the mountain resort area and wait to see the next morning's sunrise

Special Characteristic

It is a pond at an elevation of 1325 meters. Travelers can watch the sunrise here.


The Phoenix Heaven Lake is located at the top of Wu Mountain of the Phoenix Mountain Range in Phoenix Town of Chao'an County.


It will take travelers about 50 minutes to get to Phoenix Town from Chaozhou. There is a bus from the West Gate Station of Chaozhou to Phoenix Town. Travelers can also take taxis to go to Phoenix Town for 90 RMB if you bargain.

From Phoenix Town, travelers should take a local tourist bus to get to the lake. Drivers have to be cleared to drive on the roads because they are steep. The buses run till about 5 pm. The price of a round trip ticket is about 15 RMB, and the journey round trip takes about an hour.