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The Thai Buddhist Temple


Temples in Thailand are like museums of art. The Thai Buddhist Temple in Chaozhou is decorated like a Thai Buddhist Temple. The roof of the pavilion has multi-faceted angles and doubled eaves. There are beautiful yellow pictures drawn on the eaves and Thai decorations. This lets Chaozhou people see something foreign and exotic in their region without going abroad, and it is fun for people coming from abroad. An entrepreneur from Thailand built this building as part of a Buddhist park. He wanted people to see something of Thai culture. Maybe he wanted to teach religion as well. It is a recently built amusement park with a big Buddha.

In the middle of the pavilion in the park is a Buddha. The Buddha looks like a Thai Buddha and is 3 meters high and weighs 1.5 tons. It is covered with a thin layer of gold like Thai Buddhas so it is called the Gold Buddha. There are many paintings on the walls of the pavilion about the story of Buddha.

In the east hall of the pavilion, there is a statue with four faces. Statues like these are called"Maha Brahma Deva," and this is an Indian Brahman god. They teach that the creator once had five heads but Siva destroyed one. The four heads that are left face in the four directions. The four faces represent mercy, compassion, luck and charity.

On the hillside of the Thai Buddha Pavilion, there are many buildings such as the"Wangjiang" Temple, the"Wangzhou" Temple and pagodas.


Passengers can take Bus No. 8 to get off at the Thai Buddha Pavilion.


In front of Huiru Park on East Hill Road.

Special Distinction

The Thai Buddhist Temple is decorated like a Thai temple.