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Chaozhou Food

Chaozhou cuisine is like the cuisine in the northeastern area of Guangzhou Province. It is special because there are a lot of seafood and vegetable dishes. It is thought to be healthy and invigorating food, and it is cooked in a variety of ways. The meals depend much on the quality of the ingredients for taste and flavor. The main characteristics of Chaozhou cuisine are as follows: a large variety of seafood, many vegetarian dishes, and the use of various kinds of beets and other special ingredients.

Recommended Food and Beverage

For seafood

Sidewalk snack booths are good places to find fresh seafood because the food is likely to be fresh, hot, and with hot spices, and the food is economically priced. But take care that the food is sanitary and really is fresh and hot to avoid getting sick. The more expensive restaurants are more sanitary. Finches Restaurant, New Star Restaurant and West House Restaurant are recommended. Representative dishes are: Chaozhou Cuttlefish Balls, Chaozhou Cold Crab, and Ming Large Conch.

Chaozhou Kungfu Tea

After dinner, travelers can go to the tea houses or tea booths and enjoy Kungfu Tea, the local beverage specialty. There are very many of these tea cafes in the area. In Chaozhou, every restaurant serves Kungfu Tea before and after the meal. Popular tea cafes are Xiaoyao Tea House on the northern end of Chaozhou Avenue and the tea house on the peak of Gold Mountain. The Xiaoyao Tea House is built on a lotus pool. Travelers can drink tea and enjoy the garden scenery and the bamboo construction. Gold Mountain is on the Han River. The famous scenic spot called "Lighthouse of Buddha" is located here. Tasting the tea here at night, travelers can enjoy the beautiful night scenery and the refreshing tea. Below your feet is the smooth and pleasant Han River, and you can see the fishing lights of the fishermen sometimes, and the scenery is great.

Small Snacks

What do you eat in China when you don't want to sit down and eat in a restaurant? There are hundreds of shops and booths selling things to eat as you stroll around. For those who want to taste the genuine Chaozhou snacks, the old city area is an ideal place. For example, on Hurong Well Road, travelers can find many local snacks such as noodles, steamed dumplings, steamed Chinese-style bread rolls, and steamed chives dumplings. At night, the city is full of snack stalls; travelers can enjoy delicious snacks made of seafood, beef, and tofu.