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Chengde Vegetarian Restaurants

Shuangqiao District

Hall for the Most Esteemed Guests

This is a place that offers all encompassing services such as diets, accommodation, recreational activities and so on. It provides various vegetarian dishes including ones similar in texture and flavor to meat and fish, the flavor being worth tasting. While having meals, you can also appreciate performances there like the song and dance duet popular in the north-east of China and some dances. Besides all of the above, you can also enjoy the nice services and elegant environment there. Moreover, there is also a swimming pool, the price being 25 yuan RMB a time; you should take your own swimwear.

  • Chinese name: 上客堂 Shangke Tang
  • Recommended dishes: spring rolls with sauerkraut (酸菜春卷), pumpkin cooked with Chinese chestnuts and sweet potatoes (南瓜板栗红薯),and fried vegetarian “lamb” with cumin (孜然羊肉)
  • Average price per person: 69 yuan
  • Address: the western side of the Puning Temple, Puning Road, Shuangqiao District 双桥区普宁路普宁寺西院
  • Tel: 0314-2058535, 0314-2058209
  • Transportation: Take Bus 6 and get off at Erliuliu Hospital (二六六医院).
  • Special service: A swiping card facility is available.