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Chengdu Travel Tips & Articles

Photography Tips for Jiuzhaigou Valley
Jiuzhaigou means "Valley of Nine Villages", and there are nine villages spread around the valley within the park. It is an ideal park for photography-lovers, especially those who have a love for waterscapes and primeval forests.
Chengdu Pro Travel Tips
Useful tips including language, transportation, dieatry concerns, goning online and outside conditions for those who are planing to travel in Chengdu.
Top 6 Romantic Places in Chengdu
With its rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural sights, Chengdu, one of the top tourism cities, is an attractive destination for tourists, especially for those who are looking for romantic trips.
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The Best Teahouses in Chengdu

Tea is an important part of Chinese culture. Here we list some of Chengdu’s best teahouses, where you will want to have a cup or two.

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Best Fishing Places around Chengdu

If you love fishing, bring your family or friends along with your gear to at least one of these great spots for a memorable fishing experience.

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Activities for Active Travellers in Chengdu

The most popular activities to enrich your China travel experience with keep fit opportunities.

Best of Chengdu

Chengdu Best Things/Activities to Do

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Chengdu Food & Drink Articles

Articles on Chengdu Food and Places to Eat

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Sichuanese — Chengdu's Mandarin

Here are the differences between Mandarin and Sichuanese, one of the most spoken dialects in the world.

Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Chengdu

A list of some of the best places to take in autumn foliage in Chengdu, including Mount Emei, Miyaluo, Four Girls Mountain, Jiuzhaigou Valley, and Daocheng Echu Mountain.

Chengdu Bus Route 154: A Route That Takes You to Delicious Food

Want to try different-flavored Sichuan food in Chengdu? Taking Chengdu bus route 154 is the best way to find different delicious Sichuan food.

How to Plan a 2-Day Jiuzhaigou Tour  —  Jiuzhai Valley and Huanglong

This article tells you how to arrange a two-day tour in Jiuzhaigou, with plenty of suggestions on where to sight-see.

Photography Tips for Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhaigou is one of the most beautiful national parks in China. Here are photography tips for where and when to take the best shots.

Chengdu’s Top 6 Special Snacks

Chengdu is famous as "the Land of Abundance". When traveling in Chengdu, these six top snacks you cannot miss, and have to try.

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Top 6 Romantic Places in Chengdu

China Highlights has listed Chengdu’s six most romantic places for lovers to spend their holiday there, including location, transportation and ticket price.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Chengdu

This article introduces the six most romantic restaurants in Chengdu for lovers and couples to enjoy dating with food and love.

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Top 8 Free things to Do in Chengdu

Do you want to travel cheaply in Chengdu? Check out 8 great free things to do while in Chengdu. You will not be disappointed.

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Top 4 White River Rafting Locations around Chengdu

Here are four top white water rafting sites in Chengdu for families or groups to enjoy in the summer time.

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Chengdu Biking

With beautiful topography and nature, Chengdu and its surroundings is the perfect place for those who to love to travel by bike.

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Chengdu Pro Travel Tips

China Highlights lists useful travel tips for travel in Chengdu, including language, transportation, and dietary concerns.

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Best Massage Parlors and Spas in Chengdu

Here are some of Chengdu’s best massage parlors and spas, including names and addresses in English and Chinese, and services on offer.

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The Best Restaurants Around Chengdu's Major Attractions

When you travel around Chengdu's attractions, you might want to find somewhere nearby to eat. Here are some restaurant suggestions.

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The Best Agritainment Areas in Chengdu

Here are four best agritainment areas in Chengdu with travel details, offering tourists great chances to experience rural life.

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The Best 6 Ancient Towns Around Chengdu

It is a list of the best ancient towns in Chengdu with their locations, attractions, features, things to do, photos and more.

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Best Western Restaurants in Chengdu

The best Western restaurants in Chengdu, as recommended by expats in Chengdu, with best dishes, locations, photos, and more.

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How to Survive a Chengdu Hotpot

Find out how to eat Chengdu's famous hotpot like a local, and learn how to survive the mouth-numbingly spicy food.

Top Parks of Chengdu

Here is a list of the top seven parks and each park’s specialty. These parks are great places for tourists to see locals’ leisure life.

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Sichuan Majiang

This article tells you how to play Sichuan Majiang and the reason why people in Sichuan like it.

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The Best Places for Families in Chengdu

China Highlights has listed the best places for families in Chengdu, including the Panda Research Base, amusement parks, and city parks.

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