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Huang Cheng Lao Ma

chengduHuang Cheng Lao Ma

It is one of the luxurious hotpot restaurants in Chengdu. Decorated by mixing modern element with the traditional culture it caters hundreds of dishes to diners. With mildnessly flavors and ingredients it attracts people from different regions.

  • Address: 20 Qintai Rd. Chengdu

Tan's Fish Head Restaurant

The restaurant was originally named after the inventor's name, Tan Changan. The restaurant eventually became well-known for its delicious fish head Hot Pot, after which the restaurant was accordingly renamed Tan's Fish Head Restaurant.

Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang Restaurant

Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang Restaurant got its name from the fact that Chuanchuan Xiang, also called Ma La Tang, is the most favorite food among the women of Chengdu. It can be as expensive or as inexpensive as one desires. Chuanchuan Xiang is simply a form of Hot Pot whereby the food items to be cooked – anything from pieces of vegetables to meat to poultry to prawns to you-name-it – are threaded onto the end of a bamboo skewer, then the "business end" of the skewer is lowered into the Hot Pot.

Think of it as a sort of fast-food version of Hot Pot, where, instead of necessarily sitting at a table and dining on a large quantity of food over a long period of time, one can purchase, for a fixed price, a given skewer of Chuanchuan Xiang (vegetables only skewers, meats (or poultry or seafood) only skewers, or mixed skewers). Chuanchuan Xiang can be bought at street stands everywhere, and also in traditional sit-down restaurants like Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang Restaurant, the most popular traditional restaurant in Chengdu serving Chuanchuan Xiang.

Western Food Restaurants

Essence Of Europe

This Western restaurant is well decorated in magnificent European style, with European style architecture, unique pendant lamps, and wide French windows.

Being a more high-class Western restaurant of Chengdu, it serves more expensive kinds of western food, such as vegetable salad, grilled chicken meat with vinegar salad, Italian vegetable soup, potato soup, grilled beef fillet, grilled chicken leg with olive and tomato salad, baked salmon steak with pan-fried asparagus and vegetables, and chocolate and cherry muffin with cream sauce and mulberry fruit sauce.

  • Chinese name: 欧洲房子华尔兹舞后 Ouzhou Fangzi Huaerzi Wuhou /oh-joh fung-dzrr hwah-er-dzrr wu-hoh/
  • Average price per person: 188 yuan
  • Address: Floor 2, the Chamber in East Area of Jinguan New City, 12 New Xiwang Road, Wuhou District (武侯区新希望路12号锦官新城东区会所2楼)
  • Tel: 028-8526 0029, 8523 6116

Peter’s Tex Mex Grill

Maybe the purest Mexican restaurant in Chengdu. The dining environment is designed in a comfortable countryside style. It is very popular among expats in Chengdu. Servings are a decent size. Fried potato chips, meatloaf, taco meat, milk shake, mashed potato, pasta, salad, cheese cake with blueberry sauce, creamed mushroom soup, pizza, and ice cream are all recommended by customers having been there.

  • Chinese name: 彼德西餐厅 Bide Xi Canting /bee-der sshee tsan-ting/
  • Average price per person: 120 yuan
  • Addresses: 12 Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District (武侯区桐梓林东路12号), 50 Guanghuacun Road South, Qingyang District (青羊区光华村南街50号), 117 Kehuabei Road, Wuhou District (武侯区科华北路117号), and 99 Shengheyi Road, Gaoxin District(高新区盛和一路99号)
  • Tel: 028-8522 7965

Indian Restaurants

Tandoor 天都里印度餐厅

  • Address: No.34, Renmin Nan Road, Wuhou District (武侯区人民南路四段34号心族宾馆1楼)
  • Average Price per person: 149 yuan
  • Tel: 028-8555 1958

Yafeila Indian Restaurant 亚非拉印度风情餐吧

  • Address: No.20-1, Renmin Nan Road, Wuhou District (武侯区人民南路四段20-1号)
  • Average Price per person: 57 yuan
  • Tel: 028-8556 9118

Muslim Restaurants

Traditional Xinjiang Rice 新疆传统手抓饭

  • Address: No.9, Yihuan Road, Wuhou District ( 武侯区一环路南一段9号红瓦寺凯悦新城B1楼)
  • Average Price per person: 33 yuan

Huangchengba Muslim Restaurant 清真皇城坝牛肉馆

  • Address: No.51, Guiqian Road, Qingyang District (青羊区三桂前街51号)
  • Average Price per person: 23 yuan
  • Tel: 028-8662 2057

Yuexiang Village 粤香村

  • Address: No.66, South Dengchenggen Street, Qingyang District (青羊区东城根南街66号)
  • Average Price per person: 26 yuan
  • Tel: 028-8613 4852

Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian Lifestyle 枣子树素餐馆

  • Address: No.27, Qinglong Street, Qingyang District (青羊区青龙街27号铂金城购物广场4楼)
  • Average Price per person: 52 yuan
  • Tel: 028-8628 2848

Rurally Vegetarian Restaurant 田园素食餐厅

  • Address: No.29, Chaoyang Road, Wuhou District (武侯区超洋路29号附1号香槟梧桐2楼)
  • Hours: 10:00–20:00
  • Tel: 028-8518 6083

Shanshui Pavilion Vegetarian Teahouse 善水阁素食茶馆

  • Address: No.56, Zijing Nan Road, Wuhou District ( 武侯区紫荆南路56号)
  • Tel: 028-8515 1719

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