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Chengdu Vegetarian Restaurants

Wuhou District

Weigen Vegetarian Restaurant

It is brimming with a Buddhist atmosphere including the decoration, the dresses of the waiters and waitresses, and the music, which will make you very peaceful. You can also see some monks and nuns. The restaurant is quiet and tidy. The tableware is also special: the spoons and chopsticks are wooden with the same colors, and the bowls are made from hazel glasses, as are the cups. The types of dishes are abundant with economical prices. It is convenient and free for parking.

Chinese name: 维根素食 Weigen Sushi

Recommended dishes: tofu with spicy pepper sauce (椒香开胃豆腐), fragrant and spicy seaweed (香辣海茸), Guanjie Shanyuan (广结善缘, bean products in soy sauce), sweet potato in osmanthus sugar (桂花糖红薯), hand peeled bamboo shoots (手剥笋), “burdock” soup (牛蒡汤, mushroom and fungus)

  • Average price per person: 70 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9.30am – 9.30pm
  • Address: 33 Jialing Road, Wuhou District (武侯区佳灵路33号), near to Red Star Macalline (红星美凯龙)
  • Tel: 028-61813377
  • Transportation: Take Bus 23 or 100 and get off at the west end of Changyi Road (长益路西)

Pastoral Vegetarian Restaurant

The overall layout is with a European style and is very warm and pleasant. The dishes are cooked delicately and with a high quality. The environment is quiet and you can have meals in the open air. The manager follows the guest oriented principle, so the furniture and dishes are chosen and made considerately, and the fabric sofa is quite comfortable. You can sometimes see the Lama having meals here.

Chinese name: 田园素食餐厅 Tianyuan Sushi Canting

Recommended dishes: hand peeled bamboo shoots (手剥笋), sweet and sour (糖醋香排, lotus roots with a spare rib taste), fried agarics with double pepper (双椒木耳), stewed ginkgo with fresh fungus (白果鲜菌), colorful fried corn with pine nuts (五彩松仁玉米), pumpkin paste (南瓜羹), steamed vegetable bun (菜包)

  • Average price per person: 41 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am – 8pm
  • Address: Floor 2, 1 Xiangbin Wutong Square, 29 Chaoyang Road, Wuhou District (武侯区超洋路29号附1号香槟梧桐广场2楼), near to Chaoyang Garden (超洋花园)
  • Tel: 028-85186083
  • Transportation: Take Bus 10, 19, 26, 27, 28, 34, 45, 59, 72, 77, 78, 93, 109, 115, 153, 340 or 904 and get off at the southern fourth section of First Ring Road (一环路南四段东)

Sunflower Father Vegetarian Restaurant

It has gained a good reputation from its customers and is strongly recommended on the internet. The lemon yellow decoration is beautiful, simple and elegant. The prices are economical and the amount of dishes is abundant. There are mainly Sichuan style vegetarian dishes which are very delicious. The ingredients are delicately picked and cooked and are quite healthy. You can surf the internet when drinking your afternoon tea or waiting for your meal.

Chinese name: 向日葵爸爸素食餐厅 Xiangrikui Baba Sushi Canting

Recommended dishes: vegetarian sandwich (三明治, coarse grain bread filled with cucumber and tomato), fried noodles with various vegetables (什锦乌冬面), Nanyang four layer fried rice (南洋四层炒饭)

  • Average price per person: 28 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9am – 10pm
  • Address: 1-15 Wing Building, 5 Gonghe Cun, Hongwa Temple, Wuhou District (武侯区红瓦寺共和村5号附1-15号), near to Xingmei Xuefu Cinema (星美学府影城)
  • Tel: 13111897259
  • Transportation:
  • 1.Take Subway Line 1 and get off at the Sichuan Gym (省体育馆)
  • 2.Take Bus 12, 19, 27 or 72 and get off at the Hongwa Temple (红瓦寺)

Clean Water and Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant Sichuan University Branch

It is near to Sichuan University where you can experience the university culture. The decoration is quite good. It is the best vegetarian restaurant with reasonable prices and a sound environment nearby. Some dishes are cooked to imitate meat dishes.. Its special dish is the hot pot which tastes unique, different from common hot pot dishes. Most of the dishes served here have a lighter taste.

Chinese name: 清水荷花素食餐吧 (川大店) Qingshui Hehua Sushi Canba Chuanda Dian

Recommended dishes: sizzling “beef” with black pepper (黑椒素牛肉, bean products with a beef flavor), soya bean milk (豆浆), rice paste (米浆), sweet and sour “spare ribs” (糖醋排骨, lotus roots with a spare rib taste), fried vegetarian sausage with tube bamboo shoots (筒笋烧素肠, bean products and gluten with the appearance and taste of sausage)

  • Average price per person: 20 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
  • Address: No. 5-3 Guojia Bridge North Street, Wuhou District (武侯区郭家桥北街5号附3号), near to the south gate of Sichuan University (四川大学南门)
  • Tel: 028-85950826
  • Transportation: Take Bus 19, 35 or 335 and get off at Zhulin Cun (竹林村)

Mandana Vegetarian Restaurant

Mandana (缦达那) means the home of the Bodhisattva. It is one of the rare superior vegetarian restaurants in Chengdu. The decoration is elegant and of a high quality. It follows the principles of no smoking, no wine, no eggs, no meat and no monosodium glutamate. The dishes are made from fresh vegetables and bean products which are quite healthy and delicious. It also offers a free parking service and is a great place for a business dinner.

Chinese name: 幔达那素食馆 Mandana Sushi Guan

Recommended dishes: hand peeled bamboo shoots (手剥笋), sweet and sour “spare ribs” (糖醋排骨, lotus roots with a spare rib taste), stir-fried celery and lily bulbs (西芹百合), vegetarian “goose” (素鹅, a mixture of dried tofu skin, mushroom and mats to have a “goose” appearance), vegetarian “fish” (素鱼,water and gluten with the appearance and taste of fish), healthy soup (大补汤), pumpkin paste (南瓜羹)

  • Average price per person: 30 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11:30am – 10pm
  • Address: 3-1-1-7, Manhattan Square Phase 2, 4 Xinxiwang Road, Wuhou District (武侯区新希望路4号曼哈顿广场二期3-1-1-7号), near to Hangkong Road (航空路)
  • Tel: 028-85213357
  • Transportation:
  • 1.Take Bus 90 and get off at the southern train station of Sichuan (火车南站)
  • 2.Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Tongzilin station (桐梓林站)

Shanshuige Vegetarian Diet Teahouse

It is decorated in an antique style. All the dishes served are vegetarian. The first floor is a teahouse and the second floor is a restaurant; the environment is simple, quiet and elegant. There are pretty ladies carrying out tea making performances. The dinnerware is made with colored glazes and is quite beautiful. The design and appearance of the dishes served are delicate, the taste is amazing and their names are creative. It is a great place for you to taste some tea and chat with your friends; you can drink tea with your friends while discussing Buddhist Taoism. Pu’er tea (produced in south-western Yunnan) is welcomed by the customers.

Chinese name: 善水阁素食茶馆 Shanshuige Sushi Chaguan

Recommended dishes: vegetarian diced “meat” (素肉丁, fried green and red peppers with bean sprouts), “bathing beauties” (出水芙蓉, mushrooms in a sweet sauce), vegetarian “sea cucumber” (素海参, fried cabbage and dried vegetables), “freedom” (自在, mashed potato mixed with various vegetables), “recycle” (轮回, vegetarian twice cooked “pork” which is specially made from bean products), Pu Zhao (普照, three fresh delicacies soup)

  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9.30am – 12am
  • Address: 56 Zijin South Road, Wuhou District (武侯区紫荆南路56号), near to Zijing Daronghe (紫荆大融合)
  • Tel: 028-85151719
  • Transportation:
  • 1.Take Bus 61 and get off at Zijing South Road (紫荆南路)
  • 2.Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Huaxiba station (华西坝) B exit