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    Prince CuisinePrince Cuisine

    Prince Cuisine

    Decorated with delicate gadgets and dusky lights in a romantic atmosphere, this restaurant has a great view of poetic scenery by the window. You can have many kinds of buffet or single order dishes served here, such as Chinese dishes, Western food and Japanese food. Smothered steak and Japanese Teppanyaki are the most popular dishes in the restaurant. Furthermore, free fruit salad, cheesecake and bread are also welcomed. The service in this restaurant is warm and of a high standard.

    • Chinese name: 王子厨房
    • Average price per person:140 yuan
    • Open: 11am – 8pm
    • Address: Floor 5, Fortune Plaza, 6 Daye Road, Jinjiang District (锦江区大业路6号财富中心5楼)
    • Tel: 028-86667555, 028-86700922
    • Transportation: Take bus 48, 62, 335, and get off at Jinxing Road West (锦兴路西站).

    Peter's Tex Mex Grill at Kehua North Road (科华路分店)

    This restaurant is praised to be one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Chengdu. Indulgence of an exotic experience can be achieved in this restaurant. It is warm and sweet inside, just like eating in a field.

    Served with delicious sauces, roasted chips is a must-have dish in this restaurant. Furthermore, not just the main dishes, but also the hamburgers, have won a good reputation from the customers.

    • Chinese name: 彼德西餐厅
    • Average price per person: 65 yuan
    • Open: 7.30am – 11pm
    • Address: 117 Kehua North Road, Wuhou District (武侯区科华北路117号)
    • Tel: 028-85227965
    • Transportation: Take bus 6, 49, 55, 76, 77, 503, and get off at Zhanglingsi (章灵寺站).


    This restaurant can be divided into three parts: the Western food area, the Chinese food area and the processing zone. Sashimi, salmon and oysters are available in the Western food area. In addition, you can have fresh fruit juice and chocolate ice cream in this area. Some Chinese traditional dishes such as noodles, rice and roasted ducks are in the Chinese food area. Furthermore, porridge, steaks and some other fish dishes can be found in the processing zone.

    Salmon is welcomed by the customers because of its tempting taste and appearance. Western desserts such as mousse, puddings, cakes and fruit juices, are popular among girls, especially the chocolate ice cream and Haagen-Dazs.

    You can sit on the soft sofas, enjoy the restful music and the attractive food, and have a fantastic meeting with your friends in this restaurant.

    • Chinese name: 协奏曲法式西餐厅
    • Average price per person:133 yuan
    • Open: 10am – 10pm (closed on Mondays)
    • Address: Unit 11, Floor 1, Shidaihuazhang Square, 1 Dongda Street, Jinjiang District (锦江区东大街1号时代华章广场1楼11号)
    • Tel: 028-86626396
    • Transportation: Take bus 6, 21, 28, 49, 55, 76, 298, 301, 335, 902, and get off at Hongxing Road, Fourth Section (红星路四段); bus 10, 38, 47, 56, 68, 76, 104, 301, 335, and get off at Shamao Street (纱帽街站).

    Essence of Europe

    The environment in this restaurant is comfortable, spacious and bright as seen from the French windows. With the accompaniment of piano music, sitting on the wooden balcony and enjoying the sunshine is wonderful. Service here is good and considerate. The steak and pumpkin soup in this restaurant are highly praised by the customers.

    • Chinese name: 欧洲房子华尔兹舞后
    • Average price per person: 176 yuan
    • Open: 10am – 12am
    • Address: Floor 2, East Club, Jinguanxincheng, 12 Xinxiwang Road, Wuhou District (武侯区新希望路12号锦官新城东区会所2楼)
    • Tel: 028-85260029, 028-85236116
    • Transportation: Take bus 109 and get off at Xinxiwang Road (新希望路站).
    Casa MiaCasa Mia

    Casa Mia

    This restaurant is an authentic Italian food restaurant. Pizza is the specialty with a rich cheese and flavor. Crispy roasted potato skins with bacon are also attractive.

    Located in the two-story wooden building, decorated with delicate and homelike gadgets, this restaurant is more than a good place for catering; it is also good for meetings and friends' get-togethers.

    • Chinese name: 卡萨米亚西餐厅
    • Average price per person: 63 yuan
    • Open: 9.30am – 11pm
    • Address: 123 Kehua North Road, Wuhou District (武侯区科华北路123号)
    • Tel: 028-85244968
    • Transportation: Take bus 6, 49, 55, 76, 77, 503, and get off at Zhanglingsi (章灵寺站).

    Yummy Tango (Renheng Branch 仁恒分店)

    The decoration and the environment of this restaurant are fresh and lively, as the name means. The service is considerate and warm. It is partitioned into a smoking area and a non-smoking area, which shows consideration to customers.

    Western food can be ordered as single dishes or sold as set meals. Desserts in this restaurant are welcomed. You may fall in love with the caramel with roasted cloth budding, which has a beautiful appearance.

    • Average price per person: 131 yuan
    • Open:11am – 10pm
    • Address: Floor 3, Building B, Renheng Holdings Square, Renmin South Road, Second Section, Jinjiang District (锦江区人民南路二段1号仁恒置地广场B栋3楼)
    • Tel: 028-86671777, 028-86672848
    • Transportation:Take bus 1, 16, 26, 118, and get off at Renmin South Road, First Section (人民南路一段站).


    The epitome of German food and culture is well presented here at Paulaner, an authentic German food restaurant in Chengdu. The relaxing and comfortable environment with artful decorations makes this restaurant a good place for you to enjoy delicious German food.

    Singers from the Philippines often give a show and dance with the customers at night when the atmosphere is high and exciting. A strong sense of enthusiasm is delivered to the customers.

    Black beer in this restaurant is freshly made. You can have a great feast there of beers matching with the main dishes. Trotters and bread are popular in this restaurant. Served with sauerkraut and black beer, the German sausage, which is one of the specialties in Germany, tastes much greater.

    • Chinese name: 普拉那啤酒酒坊餐厅
    • Average price per person: 138 yuan
    • Open: 4pm – 1am
    • Address: Floor 1, Kempinski Hotel, 42 Renmin South Road, Fourth Section, Wuhou District (武侯区人民南路四段42号凯宾斯基饭店1楼)
    • Tel: 028-85269999
    • Transportation: Take bus 52, 109, and get off at Renmin South Road, Overpass West Section (人南立交桥西段); bus 16, 99, 118, and get off at Renmin South Road, Overpass South Section (人民南路立交桥南段).
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