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Dandong Train Ticket Office

The city of Dandong is also situated in Liaoning Province in China's northeast. It is the largest border city with the NPRK. Served by Dandong Railway Station, Shiwei Road, Zhenxing District, Dandong is an important transportation hub in this remote part of the country. Dandong Railway Station links to all of the major railway stations in the region. There are connections to Beijing, Changchun, Shenyang, Qingdao, Qiqihaer and Quanzhou, as well as nearby Dalian.

Dandong lies on the international train route, Beijing- Pyongyang, which operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Dandong Railway Station can be reached by any of the following public buses: Nos. 3, 6, 20, 21 and 24. Besides the option of purchasing train tickets at the railway station itself, train tickets can be purchased at alternative railway ticket offices in downtown Dandong, as well as in the nearby satellite cities that form upland Dandong. Currently there is no ticket delivery service in Greater Dandong.

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1.Train Ticket Office of Hualin


Address: A District of Flag Square, Urban District, Datong
Chinese Address: 山西省大同市红旗广场A区
Opening Time: 09:00–17:30