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Datong Train Ticket Office

The city of Datong, noted for its many historical relics, among which the Yungang Grottoes are the most famous, is located in the northern part of Shanxi Province, which is contiguous with, and east of, Shaanxi Province, home of the Tomb of the Terracotta Warriors (in the present-day city of Xi'an, ancient Chang'an). Datong enjoys the position of being a regional hub for north-central China, with railway connections to all of the major cities in the region. Datong is served by a single railway station, Datong Railway Station, where there are multiple trains departing daily for cities such as Batou, Beijing, Hangzhou, Taiuyuan and Shenyang.

Datong Railway Station is located at Xinjian North Road. To get there from the center of Datong, he visitor can take any of the following public buses: Nos. 2, 4, 8, 14, 16 or 21. One can buy tickets inside the railway station, or at railway ticket offices nearby the travel agencies in the vicinity of the railway station, or near blocks of other travel agencies in the city. Unfortunately, there is currently no ticket delivery service in the city of Datong.

Where to Buy Train Tickets in Datong

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1.Train Ticket Office of Hengshan


Address: Xishun Commerce Building, Yingbin Street, Hunyuan County, Datong
Chinese Address: 浑源县迎宾大街西顺商贸楼
Opening Time: 07:30–19:00

2.Train Ticket Office in Datong Mining


Address: 1 Peace Street, Xinpingwang, Mining Bureau, Mine District, Datong
Chinese Address: 矿务局新平旺和平街1号
Phone: 0352 4020505

3.Train Ticket Office in Meixiang Village


Address: 1 Xinsheng Street, Tongquan Road, Mining Bureau, Mine District, Datong
Chinese Address: 矿务局同泉路新胜街1号
Phone: 0352 7024208

4.Train Ticket Office of Northern


Address: Floor 1 Hall, Fashion Street, Xiasipo Street, Urban District, Datong
Chinese Address: 大同市下寺坡街新万人尚街内一楼大厅
Opening Time: 09:00–17:30

5.Train Ticket Office in Datong Electric


Address: 3 Xinsheng East Street, Urban District, Datong
Chinese Address: 大同市城区新胜东街3号
Opening Time: 08:00–18:30

6.Train Ticket Office of Jingyuan


Address: 3A Yongjun South Road, Urban District, Datong
Chinese Address: 大同市拥军南路甲3号
Phone: 0352 5368960

7.Train Ticket Office in Dongguan


Address: 1 Wanshou Road, Dongguan, Urban District, Datong
Chinese Address: 大同市东关万寿路1号
Phone: 0352 6082747