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Guangzhou Train Ticket Office

Guangzhou is a large port city on China's South China Sea coast, situated roughly midway between Hainan Island to the south and Taiwan to the north. A prefecture-level city and a major travel and transport hub of southern China, the city of Guangzhou, host to the recent 2010 Asian Games, is the capital of Guangdong Province. Not surprisingly, Guangzhou is inarguably southern coastal China's main railway hub; railway traffic to and from both Macau and Hong Kong is funnelled through Guangzhou – "all roads lead to Guangzhou", one might reasonably say, including railroads.

There are numerous railway ticket offices in the city's railway stations spread throughout Guangzhou's various suburbs, or districts. They can be found in the following Guangzhou districts: Baiyun, Conghua, Fanyu, Haizhu, Huadu, Huangpu, Liwan, Luogang, Nansha, Tianhe, Yuexiu and Zhengcheng. Baiyun District, on the north-central edge of Guangzhou's inner city and adjacent to the northern ring road – the S15 Shenhai Expressway – has the greatest concentration of railway ticket offices in the city (50 or so), many of which offer ticket delivery service.

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1.Train Ticket Office in Dasheng Ticketing


Address: 113 East Dashadi Road, Huangpu District
Chinese Address: 大沙地东路113号
Phone: 020-82284929

2.Train Ticket Office in Junda Ticketing


Address: Shabu Business Street, Huangpu District
Chinese Address: 沙步商业街
Phone: 020-82250752

3.Train Ticket Office in Sanli Air Services Corp.


Address: 271 Gangwan Road, Huangpu District
Chinese Address: 港湾路271号
Phone: 020-82278213

4.Train Ticket Office in Tiexin Ticketing in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone


Address: 84 Qingnian Road, Huangpu District
Chinese Address: 青年路84号
Phone: 020-82229966

5.Train Ticket Office in Qingnian Road Ticketing of Guangmeishan Railway tour


Address: 5 Qingnian Road, Huangpu Developmnent Zone, Huangpu District
Chinese Address: 黄埔开发区青年路5号
Phone: 020-82208960

6.Train Ticket Office in China Travel Service Co., Ltd.


Address: 10 Qiaoguang Road, Yuexiu District ( Huaxia Hotel in Haizhou Square)
Chinese Address: 侨光路10号海州广场华夏酒店
Phone: 020-83336888

7.Train Ticket Office in Guangzhou International Travel Fair


Address: 117 Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District
Chinese Address: 流花路117号
Phone: 020-86661326

8.Train Ticket Office in Hehui Business Consultation Certer


Address: 76 South Zhixin Road, Yuexiu District
Chinese Address: 执信南路76号
Phone: 020-87623608

9.Train Ticket Office in Guangzhou Hotel Sales Office of Guangdong Railway Tour


Address: 2 Qiyi Road, Yuexiu District
Chinese Address: 起义路2号
Phone: 020-83338168

10.Train Ticket Office in Dongshan Sales Office of Guangdong Railway Tour


Address: 426 East Huangshi Road, Yuexiu District
Chinese Address: 环市东路426号
Phone: 020-87651088

11.Train Ticket Office in Fangqun Trade Development Corp.


Address: A01 Store, Longyandong, Longyan Village, Luogang District
Chinese Address: 龙洞村龙眼洞A01铺
Phone: 020-87031490

12.Train Ticket Office in Huifang Ticketing of Guangzhou railway tours


Address: 90 North Dongdun Road, Fang Vaillage, Liwan Distric
Chinese Address: 芳村东墩北路90号
Phone: 020-81806253

13.Train Ticket Office in Gaohe Trade Corp.


Address: 104# Zhujiang Bridge, Liwan Distric
Chinese Address: 珠江桥段104#
Phone: 020-81546480

14.Train Ticket Office in Guangnan Ticketing


Address: 79 Huangsha Road, Liwan Distric
Chinese Address: 黄沙大道79号
Phone: 020-81810315

15.Train Ticket Office in Baiyun sales office of Guangzhou railway tours


Address: 637 Xicha Road, Liwan Distric
Chinese Address: 西槎路637号
Phone: 020-36470358

16.Train Ticket Office in Shunda Ticketing


Address: 3 Store, South Yangchi Highway, Lianhe Village, Shiling Town, Huadou District
Chinese Address: 狮岭镇联合村杨赤公路南侧3号铺
Phone: 020-86923581

17.Train Ticket Office in Huadou Ticketing


Address: 16 Zaohua Road, Huadou District
Chinese Address: 枣华路16号
Phone: 020-86803623

18.Train Ticket Office in Liantie Ticketing


Address: 171 Shisha Road, Shijing Town, Baiyun District
Chinese Address: 石井镇石沙路171号
Phone: 020-86024030

19.Train Ticket Office in Yaoqun Ticketing


Address: 20 Fulong Road, Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District
Chinese Address: 钟落潭镇福龙路20号
Phone: 020-87400191

20.Train Ticket Office in Guanglianhe Ticketing


Address: 3 Miaoqianxia Lane, Shijing Town, Baiyun District
Chinese Address: 石井镇庙前下巷3号
Phone: 020-86422096

21.Train Ticket Office in Luyi Trade Company


Address: 24 Airport Road, Baiyun District
Chinese Address: 机场路24号
Phone: 020-86556655

22.Train Ticket Office in Liaojie Ticketing


Address: 3 Yongtaixin Village Road, Tonghe Town, Baiyun District
Chinese Address: 同和镇永泰新村路口3号
Phone: 020--36258178

23.Train Ticket Office in Tianlong Air and Rail Ticketing


Address: 81 Huangcheng Middle Road, Qiao Town, Fanyu District
Chinese Address: 桥镇环城中路81号
Phone: 020-84823148

24.4 Train Ticket Office in Huayang Business Service Co., Ltd.


Address: 86 Xingye Road, Dagang Town, Fanyu District
Chinese Address: 大岗镇兴业路86号
Phone: 020-34998181

25.Train Ticket Office in Lifeng Railway Equipment Co., Ltd.


Address: NO.3 of 202 East Chaoyang Road, Dashan, Fanyu District
Chinese Address: 大山朝阳东路202号之3
Phone: 020-87350219

26.Train Ticket Office in Zhongjie Ticketing


Address: 31 West Shexue Road, Zhongcun Town, Fanyu District
Chinese Address: 钟村镇社学西路31号
Phone: 020-84717794

27.Train Ticket Office in Tongyuan Ticketing


Address: 62 Qiaoxing Road, Shiqiao Town, Fanyu District
Chinese Address: 市桥镇桥兴大道62号
Phone: 020-34815082

28.Train Ticket Office in Xinhuada Trading Co., Ltd.


Address: 10 Yanan Street2, North Nanzhou Road, Haizhu District
Chinese Address: 南洲北路燕安二街10号
Phone: 020-84043179

29.Train Ticket Office in Huaxin Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.


Address: 352 Xingang Middle Road, Haizhu District
Chinese Address: 新港中路352号
Phone: 020-34050742

30.Train Ticket Office in Hangjuntong Ticketing


Address: A2 Dang, 173 West Xingang Road, Haizhu District
Chinese Address: 新港西路173号A2档
Phone: 020-84454358

31.Train Ticket Office in Binqi Service Center


Address: 51 Yongping Middle Road, Yongping Street, Tonghe Town, Tianhe District
Chinese Address: 同和镇永平街永平中路51号
Phone: 020-86168765

32.Train Ticket Office in Qiaotai Corp.


Address: 43 Qiaoyi Street1, North Tianhe Road, Tianhe District
Chinese Address: 天河北路桥怡一街43号
Phone: 020-38810282

33.Train Ticket Office in Guangzhou Kapok Business Services Co., Ltd.


Address: 47 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District ( the first floor of Lantian Building)
Chinese Address: 天河路47号蓝天大厦首层
Phone: 020-37603963

34.Train Ticket Office in Huanxun Ticketing of Guangmeishan Railway Travel


Address: G105, 268 Zhongshan Road, Tianhe District
Chinese Address: 中山大道268号G105
Phone: 020-82300666

35.Train Ticket Office in Tianhe Ticketing of Guangmeishan Railway Travel


Address: 472 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District
Chinese Address: 天河路472号
Phone: 020-61320163

36.Train Ticket Office in Tianlong Ticketing


Address: 11 Xinqiao Road, Licheng Town, Zengcheng
Chinese Address: 荔城镇新桥路11号
Phone: 020-82711143

37.Train Ticket Office in Xintang Ticketing


Address: 214 Xintang Road (Middle), Xintang Town, Zengcheng
Chinese Address: 新塘镇新塘大道中214
Phone: 020-82777991

38.Train Ticket Office in Bishun Air passenger and cargo services Co., Ltd.


Address: 161-3# North Jiefang Road, Xintang Town, Zengcheng
Chinese Address: 新塘镇解放北路161-3#
Phone: 020-82704531

39.Train Ticket Office in Guangzhou Zhihang Trading Co., Ltd.


Address: 2 Xinming Hotel, Qunxing Development Zone, Xintang Town, Zengcheng
Chinese Address: 新塘镇群星开发区新明酒店2号
Phone: 020-82609896

40.Train Ticket Office in Tongxiang Ticketing Co., Ltd.


Address: 56 Jingang Road, Jinzhou, Nansha District
Chinese Address: 南沙金州进港大道56号
Phone: 020-34683361

41.Train Ticket Office in Century Ticketing of Yangtren Development Co., Ltd.


Address: 38# Tiandong Road, Jiekou Town, Conghua
Chinese Address: 街口镇中田东路38#
Phone: 020-87938334

42.Train Ticket Office in Jinglutong Ticketing


Address: 52 South Guangcong Road, Taiping Town, Conghua
Chinese Address: 太平镇广从北路52号
Phone: 020-87815007

43.Train Ticket Office in Hongjing Ticketing


Address: 31 New Chengdong Road, Jiekou County, Conghua
Chinese Address: 街口镇新城东路31号
Phone: 020-87924266

44.Train Ticket Office in Tangjinsheng Corporation


Address: 491 Zhongshan West Road,Guangzhou
Chinese Address: 中山大道西491号棠利大厦
Phone: 020-85638983
Opening Time: 7:00-22:00

45.Train Ticket Office in Jingwei


Address: 9 Xiamao Street, Baiyun, Guangzhou
Chinese Address: 夏茅村夏茅大道9号
Phone: 020-86086565
Opening Time: 8:00-21:00