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Guilin Train Ticket Office

Though the city of Guilin is not the capital of the province in which it is located – Guangxi Province, as it is called, or Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, officially – what the city may lack in that regard, it more than makes up for in its truly awesome beauty (one could hardly find a lusher, more varied paradise on earth, for here are gently contoured mountains, sheer, sand-brown cliff faces, blue lakes - with karst caves – and the emerald-blue Lijiang River that flows through the city, not to speak of the lush greenery that abounds everywhere). Guilin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of China (from March to May, the many iris species blossom, and the Lijiang River is one of the few places left in China where the ancient tradition of fishing with cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) is still preserved). Guilin is served by two main railway stations: Guilin ("central") Railway Station and Guilin North Railway Station. With two railway stations, there are generally short expedition times for ticket purchases at either of these railway stations, except on national holidays (Spring Festival, May Festival, National Day Holidays and the summer vacation period, i.e., from late July to early September), but if you find it more convenient to purchase your train tickets nearer to where you will be staying in Guilin, you can check with any of the travel agencies in Xiangshan District (such as above Guilin China International Travel Agency at 11 Binjiang Road), where there are typically railway ticket offices just above the ground-floor commercial travel agencies. Guilin's central railway station is also located in Xiangshan District, on Zhongshan South Road, only about a 15 minute walk to the city center. There are as well numerous starred hotels in all price classes in Xiangshan District, but you can also find something perhaps cozier off the beaten path.

Where to Buy Train Tickets in Guilin

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  • Diecai District
  • Lingchuan County
  • Lingui County
  • Lipu County
  • Qixing District
  • Quanzhou County
  • Xiangshan District
  • Xiufeng District
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1.Train Ticket Office in Guiping Road


  • Address: 165 Guiping Road, Lipu County, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林荔浦县桂平路165号
  • Phone: 0773-6980461

2.Train Ticket Office in Tietong Service Hall of Quanzhou


  • Address: 15-3 Putuo Road, Quanzhou County, Guilin ( the opposite of Great Wall Garden)
  • Chinese Address: 桂林市全州县普陀路15-3号, 长城花园对面
  • Phone: 0773-6960903

3.Train Ticket Office in Rongshan Road


  • Address: 30 Rongshan Road, Lingui County, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林临桂县榕山路30号
  • Phone: 0773-6921761

4.Train Ticket Office in Jiayuan Residential Quarter


  • Address: 7 of Build 4 , Jiayuan Residential Quarter, Guihuang Road, Lingchuan County, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林灵川县桂黄路佳园小区四栋7号
  • Phone: 0773-6948061

5.Train Ticket Office in Lijiang Road


  • Address: 41Lijiang Road, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林市漓江路41号
  • Phone: 0773-2186122

6.Train Ticket Office in Binjiang Road


  • Address: First Floor of Binjiang Building , 1 Binjiang Road, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林市滨江路1号滨江大厦一楼
  • Phone: 0773-2186868

7.Train Ticket Office in Century Garden


  • Address: 28-10 Century Garden, Dongan Road, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林东安大道世纪花园门面28-10号
  • Phone: 0773-2168720

8.Train Ticket Office in Xinhuadou Hotel


  • Address: 42 Nouth Zhongshan Road, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林市中山北路42号
  • Phone: 0773-2133885

9.Train Ticket Office in Jialin Hotel


  • Address: 6 South Yili , Xishan Road, Guilin
  • Chinese Address: 桂林西山路南一里6号
  • Phone: 0773-2156319