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Kunming Train Ticket Office

The city of Kunming is capital of Yunnan Province, and an ancient capital with lots of history. Kunming was also the terminal point for the famous Burma Road (Rangoon-Kunming), interdicted by the Japanese in 1942, then the terminal point for the Ledo Road (Ledo, Assam state, India), constructed to replace the Burma Road.

During the same period, the city was also the terminal point for the revived ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road which, unlike both the Burma and Ledo Roads, was designed not for vehicular travel, but for horse-and-mule caravans along narrow paths through treacherous mountain passes, from Calcutta to Kalimpong (West Bengal state, India) to Lhasa (Tibet Autonomous Region), and finally on to Kunming, Kunming being the headquarters of the Allied effort (British and American) to arm and mobilize the Chinese resistance).

Kunming is the junction of the Chengdu-Kunming Railway, the Guiyang-Kunming Railway, the Nanning-Kunming Railway and the Kunming-Hekou Railway (Hekou is a "last stop before Vietnam" border town in south-central Yunnan Province). The city is served by four railway stations: North, south (the main, or "central", railway station, called simply Kunming Railway Station), East and West, though not all of these are passenger railway stations. Kunming Railway Station, the railway station that most tourists will encounter, is located on Huannan Road, about two kilometers south of the city center. It can be accessed by public buses Nos. 23, 68 and 80.

There are trains that arrive in and depart from Kunming in every direction, including a train to Dali, in the direction of Myanmar (and from Dali, long-distance buses ply the highways toward Lijiang and Deqen (aka Shangri-La), both being cities along the WWII revived Tea and Horse Caravan Road, and from Lijiang it is but a short hop to Lake Lugu, on the border with Sichuan Province, and the home of the matriarchal society of the ethnic Mosuo).

Besides the option to purchase train tickets at the main railway station in Kunming, there are many alternative railway ticket offices round about in Kunming, the bulk of them located in the following districts: Guandu, Panlong, Shilin, Wuhua, Xishan and Yuxi. Several of these offer ticket delivery.

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1.Train Ticket Office of Kunming Network


Address: 120 Ankang Road, China Telecom Building, Xishan District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市西山区安康路120号中国电信大楼
Phone: 0871 4168800

2.Train Ticket Office of Chuanhong


Address: 56 of Floor 1, Guihua Building, Xiyuan Road, Xishan District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市西山区西苑路56号桂花大厦一楼
Phone: 0871 4185396

3.Train Ticket Office of Xintie


Address: Floor 1 of Department 5, Shulin Street, Shulin Garden, Xishan District ,Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市西山区书林街书林花园5幢1楼
Phone: 0871 3189533

4.Train Ticket Office of Daguan


Address: 28 Danxia Road, Xishan District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市西山区丹霞路128号
Phone: 0871 4774516

5.Train Ticket Office in Dianxi Company


Address: 39 of Xinghong Lane, High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone, Xishan District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市西山区高新技术开发区科业路兴洪巷39号
Phone: 0871 6136511

6.Train Ticket Office of Guangke


Address: 101 Unit 1 of Department 1, Beizu Group, Xinying Area, Panlong Distrcit, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市盘龙区新迎小区北组团21幢1单元101号
Phone: 0871 3368777

7.Train Ticket Office of Chahua


Address: 96 East Dongfeng Road, Chahua Hotel, Panlong District ,Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市盘龙区东风东路96号茶花宾馆
Phone: 0871 3166600

8.Train Ticket Office in Labour Security Building


Address: 95 East Ring Road, Floor 1of Labour Security Building, Panlong District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市盘龙区环城东路95号劳动保障大厦一楼
Phone: 0871 3337340

9.Train Ticket Office of Juhua Village


Address: 95 Dongjiao Road, Panlong District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市盘龙区东郊路95号
Phone: 0871 3374870

10.Train Ticket Office of Xiyuan


Address: 168Beijing Road, the first floor of National Defense Hotel, Guandu District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市官渡区北京路168号国防宾馆一楼
Phone: 0871 3557766

11.Train Ticket Office of Zhengyuan


Address: 548 South Station Xincun, Department Office Complex, Guandu District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市官渡区南站新村548号机关综合楼
Phone: 0871 6124900

12.Train Ticket Office of Printing House


Address: 218 Tangshuang Road, inside the Printing House yard, Guandu District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市官渡区塘双路218号印刷厂院内
Phone: 0871 3145495

13.Train Ticket Office of Guanshang Chihang

关上 驰航 火车票代售点

Address: 101 Guanping Road, Guandu District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市官渡区关平路101号
Phone: 0871 6297889

14.Train Ticket Office of Railway Tourism


Address: Floor 1 of Railway Building, Beijing Road, Guandu District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市官渡区北京路铁路大厦一楼
Phone: 0871 3551389

15.Train Ticket Office of Tianyu


Address: 1 Muxing Street, oppose to Tianheng Grand Hotel, Wuhua District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市五华区木行街1号天恒大酒店对面
Phone: 0871 3153009

16.Train Ticket Office of Huaxing


Address: 92 East Huashan East Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市五华区华山东路92号
Phone: 0871 3612555

17.Train Ticket Office of Huaxia


Address: 338 One Two One Avenue, Wuhua District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市五华区一二一大街338号
Phone: 0871 5319908

18.Train Ticket Office in Wuyi Road


Address: 122 Wuyi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
Chinese Address: 昆明市五华区五一路122号
Phone: 0871 3639888

19.Train Ticket Office of Baidahui


Address: 99 West Dongfeng Road ,Wuhua District ,Kunming (close to Kunming Department Store
Chinese Address: 昆明市五华区东风西路99号昆明百货大楼旁
Phone: 0871 3621789