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Wuxi Train Ticket Office

The city of Wuxi, located in the eastern part of Jiangsu Province on the northern shores of Lake Tai, is dubbed "Little Shanghai" due to its prosperity combined with its close proximity to the namesake city that it emulates, Shanghai. Wuxi is one of the most important railway hubs in eastern China, serving as the junction of the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and the Xinyi-Changxing Railway. From Wuxi, the traveler can reach Shanghai in 60 minutes, and can reach nearby Suzhou in a mere 20 minutes, both via high-speed trains.

Wuxi Railway Station is located at 1 Chezhan Road in the Chong’an District. It can be reached by any of the following public buses: Nos. 2, 10, 11, 20, 201, 202, 204, 205, 208, 213, 23 or 25. In addition to the ticket office at Wuxi Railway Station, there are numerous alternative railway ticket offices spread throughout the city, though concentrated mainly in the following districts: Chong’an, Jiangyin and Yixing.

Where to Buy Train Tickets in Wuxi

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1.Train Ticket Office in Customer Service Co. Ltd of Meicun Town, Xishan District, Wuxi


  • Address: 182-42 Xinhua Road, Meicun Town, Xishan District, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 无锡市锡山区梅村镇新华路182-42号

2.Train Ticket Office in Customer Service Co. Ltd of Dongbeitang


  • Address: 258-1 Xigang Road ,Dongbeitang, Xishan District ,Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 无锡市锡山区东北塘锡港路258-1号
  • Phone: 0510 83771220

3.Train Ticket Office of Integrated Service Co. Ltd in Dongting Town


  • Address: 60-1 Mid Youyi Road ,Dongting Town, Xishan Town, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 无锡市锡山区东亭镇友谊中路60-1号
  • Phone: 0510 80252025

4.Train Ticket Office in West Road of Gangxia Xigang


  • Address: 1of West Gangxia Xigang Road, Xishan District, Wuxi.
  • Chinese Address: 无锡市锡山区港下锡港西路1号
  • Phone: 0510 88760122

5.Train Ticket Office of Integrated Service Co. Ltd Huaxi Village


  • Address: 417 Huaxi Village, Huashi Town, Jiangyin City District, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 江阴市华士镇华西村417号
  • Phone: 0510 86216261

6.Train Ticket Office in Ticketing Office Center


  • Address: 61 North Hongqiao Road, Jiangyin City District , Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 江阴市虹桥北路61号
  • Phone: 0510 86880000

7.Train Ticket Office in Changjiang Restaurant Ticketing Center


  • Address: 120 Mid Renming Road, Jiangyin City District, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 江阴市人民中路120号
  • Phone: 0510 86875333

8.Train Ticket Office in Jiangyin post office


  • Address: 165-2 West Chengjiang Road, Jiangyin City District, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 江阴市澄江西路165-2号
  • Phone: 0510 86817777

9.Train Ticket Office of Yanjiang


  • Address: 57 East Ring Road, Jiangyin District, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 无锡市江阴区环城东路57号
  • Phone: 0510 89695015

10.Train Ticket Office of Jiangyin Transport Co. Ltd Ticketing Center


  • Address: North Zhongshan Road, Jiangyin City, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 江阴市中山北路47号
  • Phone: 0510 6875551

11.Train Ticket Office in Customer Service Company in Qianqiao Town


  • Address: 103of Li Lane, Qianqiao Town, Huishan District, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 无锡市惠山区钱桥镇李巷103号
  • Phone: 0510 80267150

12.Train Ticket Office in Integrated Service Company of Luoshe


  • Address: 16 East Xinxing Road, Huishan District, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 无锡市惠山区洛社新兴东路16号
  • Phone: 0510 83319981

13.Train Ticket Office in Ticketing Center of Economic Developing Industry Head Office


  • Address: 106 Tongzhenguan Road, Yixing City
  • Chinese Address: 宜兴市通贞观路106号
  • Phone: 0510 87909333

14.Train Ticket Office in customer service Co. Ltd of Yicheng Town


  • Address: 1-1of Jiefang Square, East Jiefang Road, Yicheng Town, Yixing City, Wuxi.
  • Chinese Address: 宜兴市宜城镇解放东路解放广场1-1号
  • Phone: 0510 87900788

15.Train Ticket Office in Integrated Services Co. Ltd of Dingzhu Town


  • Address: 5 Lishu Road, Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Wuxi
  • Chinese Address: 宜兴市丁蜀镇蠡蜀路5号
  • Phone: 0510 87910100

16.Train Ticket Office in Transport Co. Ltd.


  • Address: 108 the north side of Datonghua , North Renming Road, Yixing City District, Wuxi.
  • Chinese Address: 宜兴市人民中路大统华北侧108号
  • Phone: 0510 87927955