China Train Ticket Office

The railway network is one of the main forms of transportation in China, including the transportation of humans, aka passenger travel. For example, the number of passengers transported by railway in China in the year 2010 was 1.68 billion, which amounts to 35% of the total public passenger transport in China by rail, by air, by sea and by roads (i.e., by bus). This impressive figure is made possible by China's extensive railway network that links every corner of the country.

The railway infrastructure per se, i.e., the network of rails, is similarly supported by a number of essential auxiliary "infrastructure systems" such as widespread – and easily accessible – railway ticket offices throughout every city, combined with networks of hotels and travel agencies, etc., without which train travel in any country would only be a fraction of its given size.

The convenience of being able to purchase train tickets locally, generally against a small fee – 5 Yuan/RMB is currently the standard fee, seems to be gladly accepted by the public, and, in fact, the demand for train ticket delivery, i.e., of ordering train tickets to be delivered to one's home or hotel, is on the increase.

Train Ticket Offices in China