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Wenzhou Train Schedule

China Highlights has the Wenzhou train schedule to give you information on trains leaving from and going to Wenzhou city.

With the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway and the Wenzhou-Fuzhou Railway being opened to traffic in 2009, Wenzhou is now directly linked with Ningbo and Fuzhou by railway. Passengers can more easily visit nearby cities from Wenzhou. Please see our Wenzhou train schedule for more information on trains to and from Wenzhou South Railway Station.

Trains to & from Wenzhou

Train No.Arrival CityDep. Time - Arr. TimeDistance (KM)Prospect Price
G55Fuzhou08:13 - 18:502011 KMFirst Seat:US$197
Second Seat:US$125
G56Beijing Nan South08:00 - 18:422011 KMFirst Seat:US$197
Second Seat:US$125
G7504Shanghai Hongqiao06:45 - 10:10589 KMFirst Seat:US$55
Second Seat:US$37
G7525Wenzhounan19:00 - 22:45589 KMFirst Seat:US$55
Second Seat:US$37
G7659Wenzhounan07:00 - 09:51430 KMFirst Seat:US$36
Second Seat:US$25
G7660Nanjing South13:25 - 18:06686 KMFirst Seat:US$68
Second Seat:US$45
G7662/G7663Hefei10:08 - 15:58840 KMFirst Seat:US$80
Second Seat:US$54
G7664/G7661Wenzhounan16:30 - 22:03840 KMFirst Seat:US$80
Second Seat:US$54
G7666/G7667Hefei17:02 - 22:41840 KMFirst Seat:US$80
Second Seat:US$54
G7668/G7665Wenzhounan07:25 - 13:03840 KMFirst Seat:US$80
Second Seat:US$54
G7669/G7672Wenzhounan10:27 - 16:34929 KMFirst Seat:US$91
Second Seat:US$61
G7670/G7671huainandong07:50 - 14:41986 KMFirst Seat:US$94
Second Seat:US$64
D3102Shanghai Hongqiao07:18 - 13:53891 KMSecond Seat:US$43
D3103Fuzhou South16:52 - 23:18883 KMFirst Seat:US$55
Second Seat:US$43
D3104Shanghai Hongqiao09:18 - 16:32883 KMSecond Seat:US$43
D3106Shanghai Hongqiao15:50 - 22:42883 KMSecond Seat:US$43
D3107Fuzhou South09:21 - 16:01883 KMFirst Seat:US$55
Second Seat:US$43
D3108Shanghai Hongqiao14:00 - 20:21883 KMFirst Seat:US$55
Second Seat:US$43
D3109Fuzhou07:22 - 09:57302 KMFirst Seat:US$18
Second Seat:US$15
D3110Wenzhounan20:20 - 22:33302 KMFirst Seat:US$18
Second Seat:US$15
D3111Fuzhou South07:49 - 13:39724 KMFirst Seat:US$46
Second Seat:US$35
D3112Hangzhou East Station16:28 - 22:08724 KMFirst Seat:US$46
Second Seat:US$35
D3113Fuzhou South08:13 - 15:23883 KMSecond Seat:US$43
D3114Shanghai Hongqiao15:08 - 21:41883 KMSecond Seat:US$43
D3117Xiamen North11:39 - 21:321206 KMFirst Seat:US$79
Second Seat:US$59

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