Shanghai Zip Code

District Area Code Zip Code
Huangpu 21 200000
Changning 21 200000
Xuhui 21 200000
Putuo 21 200000
Jing'an 21 200000
Hongkou 21 00000
Zhabei 21 200000
Minhang 21 201100
Yangpu 21 200000
Jiading 21 201800
Baoshan 21 201900
Jinshan 21 201500
Pudong 21 200120
Qingpu 21 201700
Songjiang 21 201600
Fengxian 21 201400
21 202150


Location Map of Shanghai in China

The location map of Shanghai
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Q:Al Asked on 9:47 PM Jan. 24 2012 Reply
I will be in Shanghai in few days and I wish to call a friend on its mobile do I need to dial the "1" in the number 135 0000 0000???? or should I made the 35 and then the eigth other digit??? is it the same in order to send a SMS. And if I call outside China is it 86 (1) 35 .... ? Sorry a bit confus...
Thank you for your question. The cell phone number in China is combined by 11 numbers. If you dial the numebr outside China, you'll need to dial 0086(0)135 **** ****. If you dial it via cell phone in China, you can dial directly at 135 **** ****. If you dial it via land phone outside Shanghai but still in China, you might need to dial 0 135 **** ****. If there is any other thing that we can do for you regarding the tour, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you for your time . Ruby Zhao Replied on 03:01 AM Jan. 27 2012
Q:Joy Provido Janagap Asked on 08:13 AM Sep. 21 2011 Reply
how can i call bank of china-shanghai from the philippines? the emergency call is 95566 but i dont know the other numbers which go with this emergency number. please help. i need to contact the bank.
Hi, Joy Provido Janagap,

Try dialing 00+86+95566 Ruru Zhou Replied on 04:29 AM Sep. 29 2011

Q:cathrine Asked on 08:47 AM Sep. 15 2011 Reply
Please help me find Zip codes for : China shipbuilding trading company, (international) ltd No.1 Pudong Da Dao, Pudong Shanghai, China Thank you
Dear Cathrine,

The zip code is 200120. Here is the official website: Lussie Lu Replied on 09:17 AM Sep. 16 2011

Dear Cathrine,

The zip code is 200120. Here is the official website: Lussie Lu Replied on 09:17 AM Sep. 16 2011

Q:vira Asked on 0:40 PM Aug. 24 2011 Reply
480 Hongxu road, near hongsongdong road,shanghai
Dear Vira,

The zip code of the place that you mentioned is 201103. Did I answer your question? If you have any other questions or would like to have a tour in Shanghai or other cities of China, I am still glad to assist you. You can contact me directly. My e-mail address is I am looking forward to your e-mail. Lussie Lu Replied on 08:35 AM Aug. 25 2011

Q:percy morel Asked on 01:02 AM Aug. 16 2011 Reply
please sent me shanghai china zip code
zip code of Shanghai is 200000.

Ruru Zhou Replied on 04:55 AM Aug. 16 2011


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