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Chinese Embassy in Netherlands

  • Name Chinese Embassy in Netherlands
  • Address: Willem Lodewijklaan 10 2517 JT , the Hague
  • Tel: 0031(0) 70- 3065061
  • Fax: 0031(0) 70- 3551651
  • Office hours: 9:00am-12:00noon Monday-Friday
  • Email: chinaemb_nl@mfa.gov.cn

Note: This information was last updated on 21st April, 2011. See the embassy website for confirmation: http://www.chinaembassy.nl/eng/

1. Tourist (L) Visa Application

Mailed applications are acceptable. You may also submit the application to the Visa Office of the Embassy; if you cannot go in person, you may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to transact your application affairs. You may book via the center's website in advance for submission. If you apply by post, please check Section ‘Instructions for application by post’. You may be required to go to the Chinese Embassy for an interview if necessary.

Dutch passport holders that wish to travel in Hong Kong are not required to transact application affairs if your stay there is no more than 90 days. And if you want to stay for more than 90 days, you should transact your application first. If a visa is required, you can apply directly to Hong Kong Immigration Department (website: www.immd.gov.hk) or you can also apply through the Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy in The Hague. You need to come in person with your valid passport (travel document) and one passport photo. Dutch passport holders that wish to travel in Macao are not required to transact application affairs if your stay there is no more than 30 days.

Documents Required

Except for a neatly, truly and completely filled out L visa form, applicants also need to provide following materials:

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity and at least on blank visa page;
  • A round trip air ticket with validity if the applicant wants to apply for a visa with a number of entries more than one time;
  • Booking hotel in China if the applicant wants to stay in China for more than 30 days;
  • As for the family visiting (L) visa: please provide the evidence of your relationship in China and a round trip air ticket;
  • Provide your schedule in Netherlands (if possible);
  • A recently-taken passport photo (48mm*33mm)
  • Bank statements.
  • If the applicant has a Chinese name, the Chinese name should be filled in;
  • For applicants who wish to Tibet, an invitation letter issued by Tibetan Tourist Bureau is required.

Fee and Payment Method

Visa fees of Netherlands passport holders vary from the number of entries or duration of stay.

The center offers express service and urgent service.

  • One single-entry L visa will cost 35 EUR; Express service for 58 EUR; Urgent service for 68 EUR.
  • Two-entry L visa for 33 EUR; Express service for 75 EUR; Urgent service for 85 EUR;
  • Multiple-entry L visa for half a year for 70 EUR; Express service for 93 EUR; Urgent service for 103 EUR;
  • Multiple-entry L visa for one year for 105 EUR; Express service for 128 EUR; Urgent service for 138 EUR;

If you wish to Hong Kong for more than 90 days, the visa fee is 33 Euro no matter what kind of visa it is, and for rush service of picking up on the next working day, an extra 33 Euro should also be paid.

Payment Method :visa fees are paid when collecting passport; Cash,debit card are acceptable; For mail visa application, online interbank transfer only. For mail application, no express or urgent service.

Processing Time

  • The regular processing time is 4 working days from the submitting date (e.g. submission on Monday, pick up on Thursday).
  • Express service: 3 working days processing;
  • Rush service: 2 working days processing ;( Application should be submitted before 12:00 noon). Post service normally takes 10 working days.

Visa Pick-Up

Visas can be picked up on or after the pick-up date specified in the receipt. The receipt must be presented. Applicants can pay and pick up visas themselves or send an entrusted person or travel agency with the receipt.

2. Where to Apply

You may submit your application to The Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) the Hague in the Netherlands

See figure below. Addresses, etc. follow the office hours info.

  • Address: 6th floor, Rijswijkseweg 60, 2516 EH,Den Haag
  • Website: http://www.visaforchina.org
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday, except public holidays.
  • For submission of applications: 9:00am-3:00 pm (Rush applications should be submitted before 12:00 noon)
  • For collections and payments: 9:00am-4:00 pm

The embassy will be closed on Saturday and Sunday and the following holidays: including New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Good Friday , Easter Monday , Queen’s Day, Labor Day, Liberation Day, Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Chinese Mid-autumn Day, Chinese National Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

  • Tel: 0031-70-2629150
  • Fax: 0031-70-3886595
  • E-mail: haguecenter@visaforchina.org