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Ruin of Taihe City

The Ruin of Taihe City is located on the western slope of South Taihe Village of Zhonghe Town in Dali City.

The Ruin of Taihe City has once been the capital of Nanzhao Kingdom during the early period. It stands against the Western Hill to the west, and facing Erhai Lake to the east. It covers an area of about 3 square kilometers. In the ruin of Taihe City there survive two circumvolutions; one is in the south and the other is in the north. The western end of southern circumvolution stretches from Wuzhi Peak of Cangshan Mountain eastward for 15 kilometers. The western end of the northern circumvolution stretches from Foding Peak eastward for 2 kilometers. On the Foding Peak to the west of the Sites is Jinggang City. Jinggang City has been built in the year Tianbao 6 of Tang Dynasty (747AD). In the Sites is also Dehua Stele of Nanzhao Kingdom. To the west of the Stele are the buildings of the Palace of Nanzhao Kingdom which is one of the national key protection units of cultural relics.