Dalian Facts

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Name: Dalian (大连; Dàlián (/da-lee-en/))
Meaning: "great connection"
Previous names: Qingniwaqiao, Dalny (Russian), Dairen (だいれん Japanese)


  • Named one of China's top three cities for tourism in 2007
  • Beaches that have been popular with Russian, Japanese and Korean tourists
  • One of China's top ten busiest ports
  • Information technology and microelectronics manufacturing industry leader

Main Attractions


The city began as a Russian town and port, and then it was part of Japan's mainland colony from 1905 until 1945.

  • 1858 The British Empire occupied the area.
  • 1898 The Russians built a town there to support their railroad and port.
  • 1905 The Empire of Japan conquered the area.
  • 1945 The USSR took control of the area.
  • 1985 Dalian was designated as a Special Economic Zone.


  • Significance of city: thriving industrial and tourist city. It has one of China's largest ports, is a financial center for the northeast, and is a high technology and information technology center. Because of its beaches and resorts, warmer climate and proximity to Russia, Japan and Korea, it is a favorite tourist destination for citizens of those countries.
  • Nearby cities: Shenyang (345 km/215 mi), Dandong (320 km/200 mi)
  • Municipality terrain: the city sits on a peninsula between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea.
  • Average altitude: 29 meters (95 feet)

Location Information

  • Municipality location: 38.92N, 121.61E, in northeastern China
  • Municipality population: 6,200,000
  • Municipality land area: 12,574 sq km (4,855 sq mi)
  • Urban area: 7,678 sq km (2,964 sq mi)
  • Urban population: 3,578,000
  • Urban population density: 466/sq km (1,207/sq mi)
  • City center: Zhangshan Square (38.92N, 121.64E) in Zhongshan District.


  • Average high temperature in July: 27.3 °C (81.1 °F)
  • Average low temperature in January: -6.8 °C (19.8 °F)
  • Continental, monsoon-influenced humid climate, annual precipitation: 602 mm (23.7 in)

Though the climate is humid, it is also paradoxically arid. There is comparably little rainfall, and there is lots of sunshine.


dalian streetscape
  • Average annual income (2009): 71,833 RMB (10,400 USD)
  • Development: rapidly developing industrial city. The official statistics show that the city's GDP has had double digit growth rates every year from 1992 to 2009.
  • Industry: 40.5% tertiary industry (services, finance), 52.4% secondary industry (heavy industry, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, electronics, software), 7.1% primary industry (agriculture, aquaculture)
  • CBD: 38.92N, 121.64E in Zhongshan District.
  • Shopping Streets: Tianjin Walking Street


Questions and Answers About Dalian Facts

Michael 2014-02-19
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What is the number of English speaking non Chinese living in Dalian?
Hi Michael, sorry, we don't have the exact data. Whitney Liao replied on 2014-02-21
Watts 2012-11-23
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How far is Dalian from Shanghai? Are their daily flights from Shanghai? What is the cost? We would be boarding a Princess cruise ship on May 4, 2013 that originally set sail on May 3rd from Tianjin (2 hrs outside Beijing).

Hi Watts, from Shanghai to Dalian is about 1,100km. Yes, there are daily flights from Shanghai, but the airfare differs everyday. You can check it here: http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-flights/ If you need us to book the tickets for you, please feel free to contact me via whitney@chinahighlights.net

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-11-25
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