Dalian Shopping

Shopping is one of the most exciting thing to be in Dalian. From there, you can find lots of Dalian style seafood, handicrafts and ornaments, which are full of Dalian characteristics. Taking a walk along the streets and markets in Dalian, you may find some exquisite handcrafts with a fair price.

There are four shopping centers in Dalian, namely Qingniwa Bridge, Tianjin Street, Renmin Road and Xi'an Road. Among them, the Qingniwa Bridge area near the railway station is the most prosperous. Tianjin Pedestrian Street, known as the "Nanjing Road of Shanghai in Dalian", houses Tianbai Building, Tianlun Shopping Mall, Guotai Building, Clothing City and so on. Friendship Shopping Store along Renmin Road is the most luxurious one in Dalian, and Tianhe Baisheng Shopping Centre has become a highlight of Dalian business center.

Popular Shopping Items


Being reputed as a Fashion City, Dalian hosts the annual International Fashion Festival. If you want to go shopping there for clothes, then September is the best time, when the fashion festival is held, and the city will surely become a paradise for you to buy fashionable clothes coming from all over the world.

  • Recommended Shopping Place: Friendship Shopping City
  • Location: 8 Renmin Road, Zhongshan District (at the intersection of Zhongshan Square)


As a coastal city, Dalian provides excellent seafood products, there are eight treasures: sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, prawn, mussel and oyster, etc.

  • Recommended Shopping Place: Tianbai Building
  • Location: 1st floor, 160 Tianjin Street

Seashell Carvings

Dalian is popular for its great varieties of artworks sculpted out of shells. The products included hanging paintings, screens, lamps and ornaments. These seashells carvings can be found in most of the shopping malls in Dalian.

Questions and Answers About Dalian Shopping

Tomas 2011-10-24
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I live in Middle Europe. There is a chance that I will move with my family to Dailan for work. What is the most recommended area to live ? Considering school district with english school and safe location? House or apartment living? What is better option for a family? My work is located in north east. Thanks
Hi Tomas, thank you for your questions. I'm Nora, a trip advisor of China Highlights. Dalian is a very big city. It's suggested you choose a community next to your shcool disctrict to save the time on the road. There are numerous communities there and you could visit there to decide where to choose. There will be secuirty people in a good community. The price to buy an apartment in China now is very high. You could also choose to rent an apartment in a community. Welcome to China! Nora Ou replied on 2011-10-25
Mrs Song 2011-06-22
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I am going to Dalian with my husband end of next month. May I know what are interesting places can we go? and which hotel is the convienence place to stay?Kindly recommend. Thanks Mrs Song
Dear Mrs Song, There are some information on our website.You can check it. Attractions:http://www.chinahighlights.com/dalian/attraction/ Tour package:http://www.chinahighlights.com/dalian/tours.htm Hotel:http://www.chinahighlights.com/hotel/dalian-hotels/ You can submit your inquiry on website for booking the hotel. Lussie Lu replied on 2011-06-23
george 2010-11-22
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Hi george If you want to find fur shops for chinese people. http://www.alibaba.com/ is absolute the best choice!(personal recommended) Just type "fur shops "in alibaba search area, then you will get what you want. Thanks for your support Nero Hou replied on 2010-12-03
ning jian 2010-09-05
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are there any kung fu schools in dalian that i could stay at?
If you want to learn Kung Fu, you probably can go to Zhong Hua Wu Guan (中华武馆). Location: Jinshi Road, Dalian. 大连市金石路. It is the training venue for teenagers Sanshou of Liaoning Province. Ruru Zhou replied on 2010-09-05
tatiana Radic 2010-08-07
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Going to Dalian in a cruise for one day ¿Is it possible to hire a car with chofer and a guide for one day? ¡ how much would it cost?
Tatiana, thank you for you question. To your question, you can ask more detailed advice from local travel agencies. If you need any tour services in Dalian as well as in other parts of China, feel free to send us an email to service@chinahighlights.com, our travel advisors are glad and ready to help arrange. Lynn Ye replied on 2010-08-10
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