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Top Dalian Travel Tips

For tourists who are planning to take a tour to Dalian, the following things should not be missed.


Dalian is a city renowned for its green gardens, blooming flowers and a great variety of magnificent squares, which have a history of more than 100 years. Today, some of the squares are used as the city's drawing room, where citizens and tourists throng to relax and communicate with others. The most famous square in Dalian is the Zhongshan Square, which is located at the intersection of Renmin Road and Zhongshan Road.

Woman Troopers

Dalian has the only women rangers in China to be responsible for patrolling the city. On festive occasions, they wear black hats and riding boots and dress in swallow-tailed coats, and patrol around the city. Tourists may have the chance to see the beautiful woman troopers on the city’s squares.



Dalian can be called as the city of football, because it is home to China’s most successful football teams. The first football team of China was set up in this city and nowadays the spirits of the football teams has emerged into the symbolic of Dalian people.


Dalian is a worldwide renowned city of fashion. The dazzling annual International Fashion Festival is held in the city during early September, when thousands of designers, commercial arena models, fashion stars and fabric manufacturers from all around the world.

Dalian Beaches

Soft and silver sand, blue sea and white sunshades have made up this enticing and modern coastal city. There are many wonderful beaches for people to enjoy the wonderful sunshine and relax under the blue sky. The recommended beaches are Xinghai Beach and Jinshantan Beach.