Dandong is dominated by two of its attractions, Tiger Mountain Great Wall (Hushan Great Wall) and the Yalu River Scenic Area. The Tiger Mountain Great Wall is the easternmost point of the Ming Dynasty walls, and is famous for its fabulous scenery. The Yalu River is noted for its views of North Korea . Other highlights include the Commemorative Museum of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea and Fenghuang Mountain.

Most Popular Dandong Attractions

Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area

Address:It is located on Fenghuang Avenue in Fengcheng City in Dandong.Feature:As early as the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty, Fenghuang Mountain along with Yiwu Lu Mountain, Qian Mountain and Yao Mountain..

Yalu River Scenic Resort and Historic Site

Address:It is situated at the middle and lower reaches of the Yalu River in the Dandong City, extending from the mouth of the Hun River in the east to the Dadong Harbor in the west.Feature:It was approved as a ..

Broken Bridge Tourism Area

Broken Bridge (Duanqiao 断桥 /dwan-chyaou/) once spanned across the Yalu River, connecting Dandong, China and Sinuiju, North Korea. It was bombed by the United States during the Korean War, and only the..

Tiger Mountain Scenic Area

The Great Wall that stretches across the vast land of China is the symbol of the culture of ancient China. In the Tiger Mountain Scenic Area, which is a state-level scenic area by the Yalu River, stretches the ..

Shuifeng Scenic Area

Shuifeng Scenic Area has long been known as the largest reservoir in northeast China as well as the largest freshwater lake in Liaoning. Seen from afar it presents a fantastic world: lush mountains stand by bot..

Taiping Bay Scenic Area

Taiping Bay Scenic Area is the key scenic area in the Yalu River Scenic Resort and Historic Site. It is a 4A grade scenic area and the demonstration base of industrial tourism in China. It is 50 kilometers away..

Commemorative Museum of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea

Address:Jinjiang Mountain Avenue NO.68, Dandong CityFeature:It is the one and only theme commemorative museum in China where the War to resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea is introduced comprehensively.O..