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Broken Bridge Scenic Area

Yalu River Broken Bridge is the first bridge on the Yalu River. Its construction was begun in May, 1909, and was finished in October, 1911. It was built by the colonial institution at that time, namely the railway bureau of the government office of Japan in North Korea. It was originally a railway bridge, being 944.2 meters long and 11 meters wide and having 12 holes in total. In April, 1934, the second railway bridge (it is now called the Friendship Bridge of China and North Korea) was built less than 100 meters away from it. Thus, the bridge was changed into a highway bridge. During the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea, it was bombed by jets of the U.S. army. The remaining part is called “the broken bridge.” It is now a provincial cultural relic conservation unit and a national patriotism education demonstration base.