The main aquatic products in Dandong include Corbicula aurea Heude, large yellow croaker, whitebait, pond smelt, pomfret, prawn, clam, and sea crab. The Corbicula aurea Heude is one of the most well known specialties in Dandong. It is tasty and can be cooked into various dishes. It can't be missed.

There is a renowned seafood street in the downtown. The seafood there is fresh with reasonable prices. Most of the famed seafood restaurants are gathered along this street, including Xianhai Ju, Jia Bin Seafood Restaurants and more. The delicacy street in Dandong Yanjiang Development Area has quite a lot of seafood restaurants with large scale. One of these is Shuangsheng Fishing Port by the Zhonglian Grand Hotel. It is of median grade and suitable for feasts. Moreover, Xingwang Grand Hotel in Qianyang Town of Donggang City is also well known. It costs about 50 yuan to reach the Hotel by taxi from the city center.


North Korea barbecue restaurants are distributed all around the Dandong City. Most of them are decorated simply but beautifully. The prices of their dishes are quite reasonable. With good environment and reasonable price, they are popular with local people. The North Korea barbecue restaurants are located mainly in the area of Sanmao Road and Erma Road

There are also some seafood barbecue restaurants where you can enjoy genuine Dandong flavors. Taibai and Yangshu Lin Barbecue Restaurants are the most renowned ones. You can also find some seafood barbecue restaurants along the side streets. However, while the food there is tasty, the environment is not as good as the restaurants mentioned above.

Hot Pot

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Hot Pot is an important element of Dandong Delicacy, divided into Sichuan hot pot and seafood hot pot. Seafood hot pot expresses the real local tastes. Dishes involving fish balls, shrimp balls and razor clam are worth tasting.

The renowned hot pot restaurants with comparatively large scale are scattered around Liuwei Road, Dandong Gymnasium and the Development Area.

North Korea Flavor

Situated in the Yanjiang Development Area, Sanjiang Li North Korea Flavor Restaurant is well known in Dandong. Both the boss and the servants are from North Korea. However, the dishes there taste ordinary, and the prices are comparatively expensive. Its uniqueness lies in the service. During dinner, you can not only experience the services of servants from North Korea, but also appreciate authentic dancing and singing performances.

If you want to enjoy North Korean cuisine quietly, then the small restaurant The House of Willow (Liushu Zhijia) will be a good choice. Moreover, you can find quite a lot of North Korean style restaurants by walking along the Yalu River to the North Korea Middle School. The authentic bibimbap is very tasty. With reasonable prices, it will leave you stuffed.

Local Flavor Snacks

You can have a taste of all kinds of local flavor snacks on the pedestrian street in the urban area of the city. For example, you can taste a very authentic snack called Menzi. Menzi is made in three steps: firstly, they cut the bean jelly into small pieces; secondly, they fry the pieces until the surface of them becomes crisp; thirdly, they add extra ingredients such as shrimp sauce, sesame paste and garlic juice. Meiwei Wonton Restaurant is an old and famed restaurant near the Sanma Road. You can get a full bowl of tasty wonton at a reasonable price. It is quite popular with the local office workers and students.