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Dandong Shopping

Dandong is the biggest and the most beautiful border city in Southeast China, owning prosperous economy and good prospects. Traveling in this charming coastal city, after visiting the attractive scenery spots and relishing the delicious seafood and local snacks, shopping is another recommended thing to do. In Dandong, besides some modern products meeting the demands of dailylife, various local products (such as azalea, silk, ginseng and forest frog oil) are available for shopping.


Dandong is the home town of azalea in China, and there are more than 270 kinds of azalea. In Dandong, azalea products conclude potted flowers, cut flowers and azalea bonsai, and the planting and trade of azalea products are centered in Zhenxing District (振兴区), Zhen’an District (振安区) and Yuanbao District (元宝区). Ginseng, tussah silk (it is warm in winter and cool in summer), forest frog oil (林蛙油, being both edible and officinal), products made out of Zisha (purple clay) and dried clam (黄蚬子干) are other recommended local products in Dandong.

Places to Buy

There are various souvenirs near Guomen Park (国门公园), which is located in Jiang’an Road, Zhenxing District (振兴区江岸路), and people can arrive by taking bus 6 or 21. Jade articles produced in Dandong, North Korean tourism souvenirs (such as stamps and lucid ganoderma) and other specialties are available there. Stamps should a main souvenir if tourists travel to North Korean. However, the price for North Korean stamps is much cheaper in Dandong than that in tourist shops in North Korea (comparing 15 yuan a suite with 50 yuan a suite).

Other Tourist Shopping Places

  • Dandong Shopping Center for Tourist Commodities (丹东旅游商品购物中心), located in Block A, Huiyou Darden, Area A, Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Zhenxing District (振兴区边境经济合作区A区汇友花园1号A座), mainly sells tourist souvenirs and articles of everyday use. 
  • Dandong North Korean Tourist Souvenir Shop (丹东朝鲜旅游纪念品商店), located at the opposite side of the exit of railway station, sells plenty of souvenirs. 
  • Dandong Beifang Shanqi Exclusive Shop (丹东北方山奇专卖店), located in 3-5 Century Garden (世纪园3-5号, at the back of municipal government), mainly sells all kinds of mushroom, forest frog oil, black fungus.

Major Shopping Area

There is a big shopping center near railway station, including Shiwei Road (十纬路), Qijing Street (七经街) and the crossing of Jiangcheng Avenue (江城大街) and Liuwei Road (六纬路). It should be the most important shopping place for people in Dandong. Xin’n Road pedestrian Street (新安路步行街) in Yuanbao District (元宝区) is another prosperous shopping place in Dandong, and people can arrive by taking bus 1. These above two shopping places are the most popular shopping places for clothing, shoes, hats, cosmetics and jewelries.

Near the railway station, there are several high-grade market places: No.1 Department Store (第一百货商店), New Mary Commercial Building (新玛特商厦) and Suiyuan Commercial Building (随缘商厦). Clothing, shoes, hats, cosmetics, jewelries, house furnishings and house hold appliances are all available there.